Most Marketable Diploma Courses In Kenya

While it remains true that some of the degree programmes remain very marketable, some diplomas are so well-paying that some rank them higher than certain degree courses.

Engineering, medical, and even select educational diplomas like those dealing with international curriculum are just some of the most marketable diploma courses in Kenya.

These courses also beat dozens of others in remuneration and career advancement prospects.

Even better, the government of Kenya through TVETA, HELB, and KUCCPS has made it possible for anyone to study these courses by launching tens Technical Institutions across Kenya and providing financing (Read: Kuccps Courses sponsorship: Your Big Chance To Study Your Dream Course).

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Requirements To Take Any Of The Most Paying Diploma Courses In Kenya

Most of the most marketable courses in Kenya (Diplomas) need a basic minimum of a C – (Minus) mean grade though some of those offered by universities may require a Minimum of a C plain.

Additionally, some may have other subject requirements and cluster points so you may have to get in touch with the College to confirm.

You can also get this information from KUCCPS website.

Where To Study For the Most Marketable Diploma Courses In Kenya

As I hinted earlier on, you can take these Diploma courses in numerous colleges, Universities, and Technical College spread across Kenya.

The most important bit is to ensure that your college of choice is accredited by TVETA, KUCCPS, and other bodies and offers quality study, especially now that the World is shifting to competency-based training.

Remember that HELB will not fund your studies at unaccredited college .

When And How To Apply For Diploma Courses In Kenya

There are several ways for these courses:

1.      Through KUCCPS

This is the best way as placement is made according to your courses preferences as made back in High school (when selecting courses).

You will need to visit the KUCCPS website when they open applications. KUCCPS normally announces their application dates through mainstream media so keep an eye on that.

2.      To The College/University/Institute Directly

Some of the best diploma courses have to be applied directly to the relevant college. I am referring to medical related diplomas offered by KMTC and even some Utalii College courses. Most of the University taught Diplomas such as the University of Nairobi’s Diploma in Audiology also require direct applications.

Applicants can visit the college to get the application forms or visit their respective websites.

You are expected to pay between shs.500-shs.1000 application fees and wait for admissions to open.

Also apply to the Institute/University directly if you will be sponsoring your studies (‘Parallel’ students).

Students taking this route should apply as soon as possible to qualify for either the January, May, and September intakes.

So, which are the Most Marketable Diploma Courses In Kenya?

Here now is a highlight of the most marketable Diplomas in Kenya.

1.      Diploma in Nursing

Nurses will always in demand.

Some Colleges Offering This course: You can find this course at KMTC and a host of private colleges including Outspan Medical College in Nyeri.

2.      Diploma in Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology manpower is in demand in both private and public hospitals and pharmaceutical industries so it’s a great course.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Again KMTC is a good choice as private institutions like Thika School of Medical And Health Sciences.

3.      Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

One of the best engineering courses, opportunities abound in the private sector, industries, as well as opening your own electrical consultancy firm.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Many of the government-sponsored Technical Institutes are well equipped for Engineering Training so look out for institutes like Nyeri National Polytechnic, Rift Valley Institute, Wote technical Training institute, Nyandarua Institute of Science & Technology or any other technical institute near you.

4.      Diploma in Marketing Management/Sales & Marketing

It’s true that most Business courses have flooded. However, a few like sales & marketing still retain their shine considering that firms will always need marketers to help them move their products.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), NIBS college, and government players such as Sigalagala Technical in Western Kenya.

5.      Diploma in Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry has been growing exponentially as a result of both domestic and foreign tourism. Kenyans are also known to love fan so brilliant Hotel managers and supervisors will not lack openings.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Utalii College

6.      Diploma in Dental Technology

Dental professionals can open private practices or get employment in established hospitals.

Either way, the earnings are awesome.

Some Colleges Offering This course: KMTC, University of Nairobi

7.      Diploma in Film Production

Cinematography and video are a core part of the multi-billion entertainment industries so gifted film producers can make good money.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Africa Digital Media Institute,   Kisumu Polytechnic, Mt. Kenya University.

8.      Diploma in Animation & Motion Studies

The marketing industry continues to experience phenomenal changes as a result of Digitization. Now, animation is now firmly entrenched as the media of choice in TV advertising, online marketing, and even in acting.

Plenty of opportunities thus await graduates of this course.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Africa Digital Media Institute, Mt. Kenya University, ShangTao School of Media Arts.

9.      Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are deployed in practically every infrastructural project including roads, buildings, bridges, ports, rail and many more so jobs are abundant.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Like other engineering courses, TVETA-sponsored Technical Institutes are preferable here.  Karumo Technical  Institute, Rift Valley Institute(RVIST), Bondo Technical  Institute, and Technical University Of Mombasa are good examples.

10. Diploma in Building & Construction

Kenyans will always be building so Building and Construction experts should never ever sleep hungry.

Some Colleges Offering This course: This is another technical course so equipment availability is crucial. Subsequently, Technical Institutes like Ekerubo Gietai Tech.  Institute seems primed to deliver this course. 

11. Diploma in Plumbing/Water Technology

This goes with infrastructural projects so again jobs are overflowing.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Eldoret Technical Training Institute, Kiambu Institute of Science & Technology, and Kenya Water Institute are some of the leaders here.

12. Diploma in ICT (Specializing in Software Engineering)/ Diploma in Software Engineering

A Diploma in ICT is another potentially fantastic course. Students specializing in software engineering especially earn big from developing apps. and other relevant programs.

Some Colleges Offering This course: This course is offered in hundreds of institutions across the country but few specialize in software. It’s hence advisable for a student to pursue a customized programming course with specialist institutions such as Moringa School during holidays (In addition to the common Diploma in ICT at your college) to be better prepared for the job market.

JKUAT, ICS college, Mukurwe-ini technical, Ol’lessos Technical  Institute, Laikipia North Technical College,  and Nairobi Institute of Technology(NIT) are some of the colleges offering the regular ICT program. 

13. Diploma in Cyber Security & Forensics

Hackers and cyber criminals continue to wreak havoc in companies and business across the globe. This has triggered a mammoth demand for people skilled in Cybersecurity so it’s another fairly virgin field.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Sadly, not many local institutions provide cybersecurity training so you have to look abroad or study online.

14. Diploma in Education

Despite the government delaying in employing teachers, Education will never become obsolete as a course.

And the reasons are simple: hundreds of private schools are opened each year. Additionally, the population is growing so kids are coming fast and furious and they need education.

So, it’s still fertile ground.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Kagumo teachers College, Kenya Technical Teachers College(KTTC),  Kibabii Diploma Teachers  College, and Lugari Diploma Teachers  College.

15. Diploma in Quantity Surveying

This is yet another very well paying diploma course. Quantity surveyors are required again in almost all infrastructural developments so it has big potential in terms of employability.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Nairobi Institute of technology, Technical University of Kenya(TUK), Jeremiah Nyagah Technical Institute (Embu), Ramogi Institute Of Adv. Technology, Ol’lessos Technical  Institute, Mukiria Technical  Institute

16. Diploma in Web Design/Graphic Design

Webmasters and graphic designers also feature highly in the list of the Diploma courses that can take you places.

Again this can be explained by the increased penetration of internet technologies in Kenya and globally meaning each firm need to have a good presence online.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Not many government institutes provide this specialization but you can still get excellent training at the Africa Digital Media Institute and the Institute of Advanced technology. Other colleges you can check out include Computer Pride and TechnoBrain Kenya.

17. Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition and dietetics manpower help set up proper food choices for therapy and good health behaviors for wellness, sports among other attachments.

The market is there if you are passionate and sufficiently aggressive not to mention you can run your own nutritional practice.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Mawego Technical  Institute, Siaya Institute Of Technology, Friends College Kaimosi, Rift Valley Technical  InstituteI(RVTI), Kisumu Polytechnic

18. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Medical lab technologists help medical research and other investigations by collecting and analyzing fluid and human tissue then carrying out various chemical/microscopic tests on them.

Immense opportunities exist in the medical field and scientific research institutions.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Eldoret Poly., Kisii National Poly., Kisumu Polytechnic.

19. Diploma In Audiology & Public Health Otology

An audiologist specializes in identifying, treating, diagnosing, and monitoring a variety of disorders of the ear. Audiologists also diagnose, manage, and treat tinnitus, hearing, or balance problems.

Some Colleges Offering This course: University of Nairobi.

20. Diploma in Clinical Medicine

Clinicians shortage in Kenya has been there for quite some time now making it another rich career. You can especially excel if you have a passion to serve others.

Some Colleges Offering This course: KMTC, Mt. Kenya University, The Mater Hospital, Clive school of nursing (Chogoria), Egerton University, Outspan Medical college, Mathari Consolata Hospital, Thika School Of Medical & Health Sciences, and AIC Kijabe School of Nursing lead the pack when we come to clinical medicine courses in Kenya.

21. Diploma in GIS & Remote Sensing

Closely related to geospatial engineering, this course will open up a high-paying career in the real estate and government departments doing tasks such as laser mapping, satellite imagery, GPS, and generation of interconnected geographic information.

GIS and remote sensing jobs in Kenya are still not yet flooded despite their huge potential.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Institute for Meteorological Training & Research, Technical University of Kenya, Regional Centre for the Mapping of Resource s for Development (RCMRD)

22. Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Cosmetology and other beauty related areas pay well but perhaps they fit those who are comfortable running their own beauty firms in the long term. Sure, you can still work for established beauty services firms or cosmetics manufacturing firms but there is more money in self-employment here.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Moutain Top college (Nyeri), ICS college, NIBS college, Beauty Point College,  Dykan College.

23. Diploma in Masonry

Like other building technology courses, a Diploma in masonry has stood the test of time and has amazing opportunities for prospective trainees.

Some Colleges Offering This course: This course is available from dozens of colleges including KHBIT (Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology), NEP Technical Institute, Endebess Technical  Institute, Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute, and Kisiwa Technical  Institute.

24. Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronic engineers deal with cool activities like building robots plus smart machines. They are very relevant since many companies are currently automating operations.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Kaiboi Technical  Institute, Siala Technical  Institute-Rongo, Chuka Technical & Voc. College

25. Diploma in Wielding/Fabrication

A wielding and fabrication Diploma could be very rewarding If you love metal work and related fabrication items.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Mathira Technical Training Institute, Kajiado West Technical  College, Kasarani Technical &Vocational. College, Nachu Technical& Voc. College, Maasai Mara Technical & Voc. College and more.

26. Diploma in Fashion Design & Clothing Technology

EPZ companies and private fashion/design players have persistently complained of a chronic shortage of qualified cloth designers, tailors, and general fashion labor making it a powerful choice especially for those who loved home science.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Friends College Kaimosi, Rwika Technical Institute, Borabu Technical & Voc. College, Mathenge Technical Training Institute, and Konoin Technical  Institute.

27. Diploma in Food Science Technology

Students here later work in the crucial food processing industry as the technical support staff by applying learned techniques to ensure efficient food production processes, hygiene, and quality. They can work in bakeries, breweries, millers, and a host of food processors.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Friends College Kaimosi, PC Kinyanjui Technical, PC Kinyanjui Technical, Kitale National Poly., Thika Technical  Institute.

28. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry

This course trains students to become specialist chemical technologists in myriad industries.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Sang’alo Institute (SIST), Meru National Poly., Nairobi Technical  Institute, Mawego Technical  Institute, Thika Technical

29. Diploma -Refrigeration & Conditioning

Air conditioning and refrigeration technicians have never been enough. You can even work as a freelance refrigeration technician  or even export your expertise to neighboring countries.

Some Colleges Offering This course:Masinde Muliro University, Railway  Training Institute, and Nairobi Technical  Institute.

30. Diploma In Animal Production & Health Management

One of the most marketable agriculture courses, a Diploma in Animal health will open doors for you in bug ranches, dairy farms, and in instutitions operating under the agricultural ministry.

Some Colleges Offering This course:Bukura Agricultural College, Laisamis Technical College, AHITI Kenya (all campuses)and Masinde Muliro University.

31. Diploma in Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering  deals with expert analysis and designing of structures that support and/or resist loads and It is often take as a branch of the huge civil engineering industry. Nevertheless, it stands alone as an academic discipline and has countless vacancies.

Some Colleges Offering This course:Thika Technical

32. Diploma in Control & Instrumentation

Instrumentation and control technicians and engineers have a big role to play in fields involving automation. And these engineers are paid handsomely because of the sensitivity of the jobs.

Some Colleges Offering This course:Technical University Of Mombasa

33. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering is the part of engineering dealing with the design, manufacturing, and operation of various machineries.

Machines are used almost everywhere so you rarely tarmac for long before landing job chances.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Emining Technical  Institute, Coast Institute Of Technology, Shamberere Technical  Institute, Kipkabus Technical & Voc. College, Masai Technical  Institute, NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) – Athi River

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