Least Marketable Courses In Kenya

With employment hard to come by even for some of the formerly prestigious courses, it’s important that you choose the right course at college. And yes, the decision of the best course to take is difficult because of the many dynamics involved. That being said, it’s always good to know about the courses that have very little chances of securing jobs so that you can avoid them like plague.  So here comes our analysis of the least marketable courses in Kenya (according to our opinion) and what to do in case you are admitted into any of these courses.

And while we have tried to be as objective as possible in compiling this list, some still succeed with these less popular courses so sometimes it comes down to luck. Others end up doing something totally different or going into business.

Let’s go into the various categories of the least marketable courses in Kenya:

  1. Political Science Courses

While these courses have had their heydays, it’s clear that job opportunities are not that many in Kenya especially if you lack great connections and protection. No wonder many political science graduates are languishing in the overflowing sea of unemployment in Kenya. There are exceptions, of course, so again how you package yourself matters a lot.

  1. Least Marketable Business Courses

The government has realigned its higher education training policies to favor technical courses and with a good reason: some of the most flooded courses in Kenya are the ‘theories’ led by certain business courses which also happen to be some of the easiest courses in Kenya.

Here we take a look at some of the least popular business courses:

  • Secretarial studies

Why would you do a secretarial course in the era of computers and digitization? If you must take such a course, it’s better to go for a business management  programme which is again, sadly not one of the hotcake courses in Kenya!

Other related and less employable courses include Front office (at all levels) -the salaries are very little even if you get work as well as business administration.

  • Diploma/Certificate in Supply Chain Management /Procurement/ Purchasing and Supplies Management in Kenya

A lot of people have taken a procurement course in the recent years to the detriment of the latter day prospects. If you don’t believe me, just scroll through the graduation list of various colleges and universities and see the numbers!

Let me ask you: How many organizations employ procurement officers besides government agencies and organizations? Very few! And even then, you will only have less than 3 people manning the entire procurement department.

True, some have made a lot of money in this job but it’s no longer worth your time- unless you again have the right contacts!

This also applies to students taking store-keeping and related courses.

  • Micro Finance, Baking & Finance, and Credit Management Courses

These two courses will land you in a SACCO, a bank, or one of the many microfinance institutions with roles ranging from acting as a credit manager to investment advisory.

The courses can have good salaries but not many organizations have these openings so competition is a bit high.

But they are fantastic if you are planning to start your own microfinance or auctioneering business.

  1. So-So Business Courses

These courses can be either a hit or a miss in the sense that you can secure a well-paying post or spend a lifetime regretting.

  • Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a 50-50 course (especially at the Diploma/Certificate levels) unless you’ll be venturing into business.

On the other hand, entrepreneurship at the undergraduate level may work but you will need to be open to a variety of jobs such as marketing to succeed or be ready to head into research and academia.

  • Diploma in Economics

Another 50-50 business courses is a Diploma In Economics considering that you will be up against hundreds of others holding the same qualification at the degree and masters level.

  • Human Resource Management

While HR managers will continue to be relevant because of their strategic role in an organization, the course is currently flooded. Plus you need to take a professional certification such as those offered by the IHRM (Institute of Human resources Management) to have a chance.


  1. NGO Management, Risk Management & Insurance

Both of these careers do not have abundant placements. 

  1. Information Science Courses

Library, archiving, records management, and such courses lack the breadth required to earn good money. That’s mainly because of the dearth of vacancies not forgetting the digitization of information.

  1. Least Marketable Agricultural Courses

In an age where everyone is speaking about agribusiness, it’s important to know that not all agricultural courses cut it.

For instance, agribusiness owners do not seem to value a Diploma/Certificate in AgriBusiness Management- rarely will you see employers advertising for this qualification.

Similarly, opportunities for holders of a Diploma in Fisheries, Forestry, Farm resources management, and even Aquaculture are quite scattered.

This is unlike courses in farm management and animal health/production which seem to be hot cakes from as low as the certificate level.

  1. Sports Management Courses

A glaring shortage of jobs also exists for students taking programmes such as Diplomas/Degrees in Sports management but for those with experience in sports administration.

  1. Environmental Courses and some Animal Management Courses

Courses like Diplomas in Environmental Technology/management are relevant but have insufficient employers. This is the same scenario with Anthropology.

  1. Women & Gender, Development Studies, and Community Development

Contrary to what many think, studies in women/gender, community development, and development studies don’t boost your employability.

For one, community development is immensely flooded while the rest have very few potential employers.

You can also add Sociology to this category.

  1. Diploma In Statistics, Economics

Statisticians have jobs but most firms demand an undergraduate degree so unless you are planning to upgrade your statistics diploma to a degree, the course may not be that useful.

A diploma in Economics is similarly not that marketable.

Wrapping Up Our Analysis Of The Least Marketable Courses In Kenya

While this course decision will take more than just researching and knowing your passions, it pays to be aware of the courses that the country is shunning nowadays.  And that’s why we have highlighted these programmes.

Well, you can still have a stable career with some of them but it will take genius strategizing and marketing of your services.

For those who are looking for some form of surety, go for any STEM(science, technology, engineering, and math) course.

Sure, they are ranked among the highly demanding courses in Kenya but these courses are super marketable so they are very much worth the trouble.

Indeed, they feature prominently in our list of the top marketable degree courses in Kenya.

Good luck!


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