Kuccps Courses sponsorship: Your Big Chance To Study Your Dream Course

Whether you sat for KCSE in 2017, 2016, 2015…or whenever, you now have a massive chance to take the KUCCPS courses of your dreams thanks to the huge KUCCPS sponsorship.

Seemingly motivated by the need to fight the scary unemployment levels in Kenya, the state, through KUCCPS (Kenya Universities & Colleges Central Placements Board) and HELB is currently running one of the biggest sponsorship programs ever seen in Kenya.

It all started with the passage of the universities back in 2012 and later, an increase in the funding given to HELB by the ministry of finance.

It’s also known that behind the scenes, the government is building a TVET technical institution in each constituency and simultaneously reviving the previously moribund polytechnics in hundreds of villages.

These deliberate actions are now turning  out to be the biggest blessing yet for Kenyan youth.

How Much Is The Government Kuccps Courses Sponsorship For TVET (Technical & Vocational Education & Training) Students?

  1. Total fees charged has been pegged at maximum Kshs. 56,420 per student annually.
  2. Of this total, the Government – via KUCCPS- will send Kshs. 30,000 for every admitted student directly to your college.
  3. Students have an opportunity to raise the balance of Kshs. 26,420 by applying for study loans from HELB (Higher Education Loans Board).

That’s almost 100% sponsorship and maybe the only remaining cost is the hostel cost, food, and the examination charge.

Again, if you go for a bigger loan from HELB, you will secure enough funding to cater for your upkeep and exams so you can literary study for almost free!

In such a scenario, part of the HELB loan is forwarded directly to your training institution for tuition while the remainder is sent to your student’s bank account.

Now, to qualify, students should apply for a placement to their TVET institution of choice through KUCCPS portal. The placement body usually announces TVET placement application dates so you’ll need to keep watching out for the dates.

How To Apply for The Government Kuccps Courses Sponsorship For TVET Students In Kenya

  • All applications have to be made online through the busy KUCCPS portal.
  • KUCCPS website is kuccps.ac.ke(remember to click Student’s Portal). You can also view a huge list of marketable certificate & diploma courses and the qualification requirements.
  • You must create an account then log in to this portal to proceed with the application.
  • Applicants should select up to 4 courses in starting with their favorite course then the second favorite etc. in priority. Choice 4 is thus their least favorite course.
  • KUCCPS takes into account your qualifications and the selected order of priority when allocating courses to the registered TVET colleges.
  • You should apply before the deadline (which is usually advertised even in the media) to avoid the typical last minute rush.

The funding is again for students enrolling for kuccps programmes in National Polytechnics and the numerous Technical Training Institutes.

And the best part?

Even KCSE candidates from previous years qualifying for any of the kuccps certificate courses and kuccps diploma courses 2019 and yet to join colleges are free to apply.

More information:

Visit www.kuccps.ac.ke. Or KUCCPS offices located at ACK Garden House (both Ground & 3rd Floor), 1st Ngong Avenue, Upper Hill/Community Area, Nairobi.

KUCCPS Telephone numbers: 020 5137400 or mobile 0723 954 927 or 0734 879 662.


Final Word on Kuccps Courses Sponsorship

Regardless of when you sat for your KCSE, you now have a chance of a lifetime to pursue the KUCCPS courses that you’ve always dreamed of.

And if you’re smart, you apply for HELB loan and combine with the KUCCPS funding to access both tuition and upkeep money.

Can it get better than this?

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