How To Activate Your Suspended KRA Pin

How To Activate Your Suspended KRA Pin

There has been a massive kra pin deactivation campaign in the country targeting non-compliant taxpayers and people who have failed to register their old kra pins on itax.

Traders who have vat and other tax-related issues are the other victims of the kra pin cancellation process.

Now, to have your deactivated kra pin restored, you’ll need to get in touch with KRA to confirm the reasons for its deactivation.

Here is how to reactivate your suspended kra pin:

Step 1: Go the itax portal and use the PIN checker to confirm the status of your pin (valid/suspended).


how to reactivate your kra pin

Enter your pin number then complete the security stamp (the calculation) then click consult.

Once you confirm that the pin is suspended, move to the next step.

Step 2: now go to itax and download the kra pin reactivation form. You’ll need to complete all the details asked for including the pin number, you name or director names(for companies), your current email address, and telephone number etc.

Step 3: send the filled kra pin reactivation request form to the official kra pin reactivation email [email protected]


Step 4: The reasons for the suspension will be communicated to you through the email address you provided. You will be expected to address all the issues raised and as advised in the email.

Step 5: You will then contact kra or follow the procedure specified in the email.

How To Activate Your Suspended KRA Pin: Alternative Method

Instead of following the kra pin reactivation form download process, you can call or visit the nearest kra office or even a huduma center to enquire about the reason behind the pin deactivation.

The kra officials will give you the steps to follow for it to be unblocked.

KRA Contacts

Telephone: +254 (020) 4999 999+254 /(0711) 099 999

Social media: twitter @kracare / Facebook: kracarepage

Email: [email protected]


There goes our guide on how to unblock kra pin. As you can see, you’ll need to know the reasons of the blockage since your pin can only be restored after once you address the issues.

According to kra, a pin may be canceled because of vat arrears, failure to update it on itax, or related reasons.

We have also seen that pin reactivation can be initiated online or  by visiting a nearby kra office/huduma center.

Good luck.

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