KRA Pin Problems: How To Change Kra Email

Maybe your forgot your kra portal password or want to edit your itax information. Or may be you want to reprint your pin certificate. Whatever the reason, changing your kra pin email is quite straightforward. Here is how to change kra email to your new working email.


How To Change Kra Email: Using The Email Method

You can email kra customer care to have the changes effected. Here is how:

Step 1: scan a colored copy of your original ID card (back and front).

Step 2: compose an email mentioning about kra forgot email and send this email to:  [email protected] . Remember to mention the new email (your current active email address).

Step 3: Wait for a reply from KRA within a couple of hours.

How To Change Kra Email: Using KRA Social Media Handles

Kra runs some hyper active Facebook and twitter handles. You can just inbox them your scanned copy (colored) of your original ID card (back and front), and indicate your new email address to have them effect the changes accordingly.

How To Change Kra Email: Huduma centres

You can always visit the dozens of Huduma centers around the country to change kra pin details.

It takes just a few minutes for your kra itax change email to be effected and its free.

How To Change Kra Email: physically Visit KRA offices

Another option for those who ask how to change email address on kra portal is to visit the nearest KRA offices or times tower Nairobi.


How To Change Kra Email For Companies

For companies, the options are the same but you will scan the following documents in full color:

·        Certificate of Incorporation

·        Your original national ID card

·        Directors’ PINs

As usual, mention the new valid email address in your kra email change request.


That’s how to change kra email.

Scan the relevant ID and email or inbox kra on facebook or twitter.

You can also visit the nearest Huduma or kra offices.

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