How To Reset a Forgotten KRA iTax password

I once forgot my kra password and lost a good business deal because my prospective client wanted a copy of my Kra pin for his records.

Well, the problem was that neither nor my friend knew how to do an itax password recovery and we couldn’t get help from kra because it was a weekend.

Anyway, I later managed to do a kra itax password reset but it was too late.

What may people don’t know is that recreating a new password on the kra portal is super simple.

Here is the kra password reset process:

Note that you must be recalling your KRA pin no., the email you had initially signed up with on iTax, the security question you had set, and the answer you had.

How do I find my KRA password? The Steps

Step 1: Go to the kra iTax login page, enter your pin as usual, then click continue.

Step 2: In the next screen, click forgot password/unlock

Step 3: Solve the calculation (security stamp) enter the value then click submit.

Step 4: Your new temporary password will be sent to your active email.


Forgot my kra password: Next steps

  • Now head over to your registered email address and log in.
  • Open the email you got from kra and note the password therein.
  • Go back to itax portal and enter your pin plus your new temporary password.
  • In the next field, create a new password (a strong but easy to memorize). Make sure you mix digits, upper & lower cases, plus a special character e.g. a comma, #? Etc
  • Type the new password again to confirm and log in.

That’s all.

If you run into more problems, you can visit any kra office near you or a huduma center with your national ID and request for help.

Forgot My Kra Password: Final Advice

If you have been wondering how to check kra password (or had searched for www kra go ke forgot password), simply go back to the kra portal and follow the steps.

You can also be assisted to recover your kra password by visiting any nearby kra office or huduma center with your national ID.

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