Here is How To get Your Huduma Namba, Why, and Where to Register

Kenyans are now required to have a Huduma Namba/number  to access a plethora of government services.

Even Foreigners visiting Kenya must register for Huduma Nambas lest they are locked out of essential Government services.

So what is a Huduma number and how do you get one? Plus where will you be using your Huduma Namba?

This article will answer all your questions…

What is a Huduma Namba?

A Huduma Namba is a government assigned unique identification number for all Kenyans and contain details from your National ID Card, birth certificate, and your other personal information as captured when interacting with government departments.

Officially, treasury explains the Huduma Namba as a nation-wide programme for the establishment of a central biometric population database to be used as a source of truth regarding a person’s identity.

How Do You Register for a Huduma Number?

At the moment, chiefs, sub-chiefs, and village elders are spearheading the registration exercise.

This will ensure that everyone is registered.

Though it’s not yet clear when we hope that the registration of Huduma Namba will eventually be transferred online like other Government services such as GHRIS and eCitizen.

Why is the Government Rolling Out the Huduma Namba Registration System?

The essence of the government rolling out the new registration system is to help it monitor what it calls “people of interest”.

In security terms, this could be people who have some past history with security agents or are engaged in suspicious actions/movements.

With the Huduma namba, the state believes it will be easier to manage security and other sensitive matters.

Huduma Nambas will also assist the government in other areas such as project resource allocation,  national planning, social services, and infrastructure project planning.

The government will further be using the Huduma database to coordinate other tasks such as:

  • Issuing national identification cards.
  • Printing of driving licenses.
  • Issuance of foreigner’s certificates.
  • Applying for birth & death certificates.
  • Giving work permits, passports, VISA, and all foreign travel documentation.
  • Issuing student identification cards.
  • All government issued identification documentation.

How is Huduma Number Related to NIIMS?

NIIMS (National Integrated Identity Management System) is a master database/online population portal where all Kenyan Citizens and visiting foreigners are registered.

NIIMS is established under the Amendment of Registration of Persons Act Sec. 9A of 2018.

Huduma Nambas are issued and managed by NIIMS.

At is stands, the capturing of your data including facial recognition and biometrics is done offline but later transferred online to NIIMS.

This information can then be accessed centrally by all relevant government agencies.

Where is a Huduma Namba Used?

“Citizens with this unique identification number will access various services from the Kenyan government easily and conveniently.”

Says the department of immigration communiqué on Huduma numbers.

Here are some of the ministries and departments where the number will be used:

Is it a must I register for a Huduma Namba?

In short, YES. Indeed, The Government has sworn to pursue legal action against qualified Kenyans/Foreigners who fail to register for Huduma Nambas.

Do not also forget that you will be unable to get help from the government without the number when it comes to dealing such as land, vehicle purchase, and transfers, driving license issuing, and more.

Who can Register for a Huduma Namba?

NIIMS Huduma Namba is for any Kenyan aged from six years going up.

Foreigners coming to the country as students, workers/expatriates, and refugees/asylum seekers must also apply for a Huduma number.

But foreigners on short-term visits and tourists do not need to Huduma Numbers.

How Much Does Registration for a Huduma Namba cost?Huduma Namba

Registering for a Huduma Namba is free. You only require to provide documents such as your ID card /birth certificate (for those below 18) to get registered.

Where can I Register for a Huduma Namba?

The government is first running the programme on a pilot basis in 15 select counties. These are:

  1. Kiambu
  2. Nairobi
  3. Nyandarua
  4. Kajiado
  5. Uasin Gishu
  6. Baringo
  7. Makueni
  8. Marsabit
  9. Kisumu
  10. Kisii
  11. Kilifi
  12. Embu
  13. Busia
  14. Tana River
  15. Wajir

Residents of these counties are to visit their nearest village elders/sub-chief/area chiefs for assistance within the next 30 days.

You can also get the service from the nearest Huduma center.

The programme will be opened in all other countries after the close of the trials.

What Details Do I need to Provide To get Registered?

You start by filling in a form. here you need to give your private information including:

  1. Biodata (your name, date of birth, marital status, place of birth, etc)
  2. Nationality details (Citizen, Foreigner, Dual Citizen).
  3. And Disability data
  4. Your Parents or guardian details
  5. Education history
  6. Employment status(self-employment, civil servant etc)
  7. Biometric details

A photo is also taken.

Once you are through with completing the hard copy, the officer/clerk loads these details to his/her NIIMS registration kit.

The information is finally uploaded to the NIIMS(Huduma Namba) server which then generates your unique Huduma Namba as you wait for a Huduma card.

Does it Mean That I No Longer Need an ID card/Birth Certificate/NHIF/Passport etc?

For now, you will still need to apply for a National Identity Card, NHIF(National Hospital Insurance Fund), birth certificates, Driving licenses, and all other typical official documents.

However, looking at what happens in other countries, the Huduma Namba might eventually replace all the above.


That’s how you register for your Huduma Namba. Be sure to apply for this crucial Identification number to avoid missing out on important services.

So far it’s in 15 counties but it will soon be in your county so be preparing.


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