E Passport Application Kenya: How To Get The New Kenyan Passport

‘How do I acquire the new e passport in Kenya?’, ‘How much does an e passport cost in Kenya?’, ‘How long does Passport take in Kenya?’,  ‘What do I require to apply for a new Kenyan passport?’, and ‘What do I need to apply for a Kenyan passport?’ Well, you have come to the right place if these questions have been bothering you. We will even discuss the E Passport Application Kenya process.

Let’s delve into business without further ado:

Why Kenya is Replacing The Old Passport

Kenya has for the past few years embarked on a flurry of activities aimed at digitizing the way business is done in the country.  The latest department to be caught by the digital ‘bug’ is the immigration where the old Kenyan passport is being phased out to be replaced by the new e passport Kenya.

Of course, the other reason is the realization that criminals have perfected the art of forging the paper passport making it easy for terrorists and other bad elements to get into the country.

Features of the New Kenyan ePassport

These are the things you will notice when you meet the new Kenyan passport image for the first time:

  1. An Electronic chip that holds your personal bio data.
  2. A Biometric identifier.
  3. Your Digital photograph.
  4. A plethora of Security features to guard against unauthorized uses and forgery.

And for good measure, all the Details of the new Kenyan passport will be registered on the database of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) to make air travel easier for Kenyans when touring abroad .

How Do I Apply For A New Passport In Kenya

You will need to go the E Passport Application Kenya process to get the new passport. This means that you will apply for the e passport via the eCitizen platform, either from a cyber or from your laptop.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to eCitizen and login using your ID/phone number.
  2. The click on the Department of Immigration services tab.e passport application kenya
  3. Click apply for Kenyan passport (adult/children appropriately) to start filling the form. You will need a variety of details including your parent’s ID card numbers, date of birth, a recommenders ID details among others. Complete the form, pay the charges via MPESA (we will talk about the amount later) then print out three copies of your application.kenyan passport tracking
  4. When filling the form, you have to select the most convenient location where you would like your fingerprints taken from between Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa.new e passport kenya So the next step is to take your printed form to the immigration office you had chosen to have your fingerprints, signature, and digital photo taken. You will also leave the application form with the attendant E Passport Application Kenya immigration officer for further processing.
  5. Your passport will be ready in due course and you will be required to go and pick it after an official waiting period of 15 working days.

Please note that Kenyans who live in the diaspora are to apply for the e passport through their nearest Kenyan embassies or consulates.

What To Attach To The Ecitizen Pre-Filled E-Passport Application Form(What do I need to apply for a Kenyan passport?)

So, what’s needed to get a passport? Well, carry the following documents when appearing for the digital photo capture and fingerprints taking session:

  1. The eCitizen filled passport application form plus three invoices.
  2. Your Original birth certificate as well as its photocopy.
  3. Your Original ID Card and a copy.
  4. Three good quality passport size photos (one signed by your recommender).
  5. A copy of Your Recommenders National ID Card.
  6. Your old passport if applying for a replacement plus photocopies of its last three pages.
  7. Your Parent’s National ID cards photocopies (or their Death Certificates copies if deceased).
  8. A Sworn affidavit plus a police abstract (For lost passports).
  9. An official explanation letter explaining the circumstances under which your old passport was lost or mutilated (For lost or mutilated passports).

Who Is A Recommender In Passport Application?

A recommender is a Kenyan of good standing and who endorses you as of good character and deserving of a Kenyan passport. Remember to e passport application can go through without you having such a person signing it for you.

He/she can be a church Reverend, Imam, Lawyer, a civil servant or such other person that the government deems to be trusted and acceptable as an endorser.
The immigration also accepts private citizens in some cases (provided they are not your relatives).

Please note that your recommender will need to provide a copy of their national ID in addition to signing both the form and on one passport photo.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Kenyan Passport

For those who have been asking How much does a Kenyan passport cost, know that the amount you pay when completing the form depends on the number of pages of your new Kenyan passport and the category. Here is a summary:

Number of pages Cost
A series(32 pages) Ksh. 4,550
B series(48 pages) Ksh. 6,050
C series(64 pages) Ksh. 7,550
Diplomatic passports Ksh. 7,550
Mutilated Passports Ksh. 10,050
Lost Passports Ksh. 12,050


How Long Does Passport Take In Kenya?

According to the Immigration Kenya communications, your ePassport should be ready within 15 working days from the day you successfully completed the E Passport Application Kenya process.

Can I Apply For A Kenyan Passport Online?

Yes. As I mentioned above, the application for the e passport is done online via your E citizen portal account. Just head over to the E Citizen Kenya portal to start off.

What Will Happen To My Old Passport?

All Valid visas issued using the old passport will still be accepted for travelling purposes even after you acquire an e passport up to such a time that the Visa expires.

E Passport Kenya Deadline

The old passport is to cease being used as a valid travel document beginning 31st of August 2019 officially. Yes, there have been rumors that the deadline may be pushed to 2020 due to the sluggish pace at which Kenyans are applying but there has been no official statement to this effect. (We will update this article if dates change)

Those with old passports should thus make haste to apply for the new e passport Kenya.

 Kenyan Passport Tracking

The Kenyan passport tracking system is not yet well established and you may have to keep calling the immigration to know the status of your passport. Plans are however underway to launch a digital tracking system.

Here are immigration offices official telephone contacts:

Passport Queries: (+254) 707 658 788
Visa Queries: (+254) 707 657 945
General Queries: (+254) 020 2222 022
Payment Issues: (+254) 780 206 206

Kenya New Passport Diaspora

Again as I had highlighted, Kenyans living in the diaspora should visit the various Kenyan Missions offices and Consulates Abroad.

London (UK), Paris (France), Washington DC ( USA), Pretoria (South Africa), Dubai (UAE) and Berlin (Germany) are some of the missions actively receiving applications for Kenya’s new passport.

This means you may have to travel to these countries to acquire the document or fly to Kenya.

E Passport Application Kenya: Final Thoughts

That’s all you need to know as far as acquiring an e passport is concerned. In short, everything starts from e Citizen and will end with a visit to either Nairobi, Kisumu, or Mombasa immigration offices for digital photo taking.

Waiting days is just 15 days though sometimes it takes longer.

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  2. Good afternoon,I’d like to know why my ID won’t be accepted when applying for the ecitizen passport

    • I guess you have to keep trying your luck on the telephone.
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      Perhaps you can also try twitter @eCitizenKenya

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