Dubai job agents in Kenya: Details and contacts [Updated list]

The government has been cracking down on bogus Dubai job agents in Kenya.

As a result, most of them have been forced to shut down or change business.

Now, like we always do, we decided to survey the market and compile an updated list of the reputable Dubai job agents in Kenya.

And yes, we didn’t find as many as before (because of the crackdown) but we nevertheless managed to get 10 top-rated Dubai job agents in Kenya…

As usual, we insist that you do your due diligence before parting with your hard-earned cash. However, most Kenyans in Dubai have been talking positively about the following agents so they probably are a good choice..

Here they are:

10 reputable Dubai job agents in Kenya

1.  Forbes global agency

Forbes is one of the largest and most trustworthy Dubai jobs agents in Kenya and has helped thousands of Kenyans access greener pastures in Dubai.

They usually keep you updated about progress until you fly. Simply one of the very best Dubai recruitment agencies in Nairobi!

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Embassy House, Harambee Avenue, Room 1 (Mezzanine Floor), Nairobi

Telephone: 0717 268563



2.  Selective outsourcing

One of the top Dubai job agents in Kenya, Selective outsourcing Kenya ltd. has successfully connected dozens of Kenyans with lucrative jobs in the UAE.

They have excellent customer care though you have to contend with some lengthy queues some days.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Westlands Arcade (Ground Floor), Nairobi

Telephone: 0717 932818


3.  Silver ray agency

Silver Ray Ltd. is among the few Dubai recruitment agents in Kenya with a truly international operation.

Also ranked among the top Qatar agencies in Kenya, they have been interviewing and hiring Kenyans for jobs in the wider Gulf region since 1999.

The agency is accredited to Kenya’s Ministry of Labour and hires both skilled and unskilled workers.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Agip house (4th floor), Nairobi

Telephone: 0725 437316


4.  Harpers management

Headed by Lady Lilian, Harpers management in Ngong road is also among the genuine Dubai jobs agents locally.

The agency has been in operation for over a decade and is hence among the first to access information about the latest Dubai jobs, especially in the hospitality sector.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Rehema Place, Ngong Road, Apartment D22- Nairobi

Telephone: 0724 843404



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5.  Tusano agency

Tusano agency is a reputable Dubai agent operating from the coast region.

They mainly hire for security jobs and can be great for those interested in security jobs in the Middle East.

They usually post new vacancies on their Facebook page.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Pokha place, Mtwapa, Mombasa

Telephone: 0700 857748


Now, like we always do, we decided to survey the market and compile an updated list of the reputable Dubai job agents in Kenya

6.  Catererglobal Kenya

Catererglobal is also one of the top recruitment agencies in Kenya for Middle East jobs mostly in hotels, security, and beauty industries.

Unlike the majority of the Dubai job agents in Kenya, here there are no middle-men and you apply directly to positions that interest you from their website.

Contacts and Location

Website: (click the link to view available jobs in Dubai for Kenyan citizens)


7.   Gulf manpower recruiting agency (Overseas Gulf)

Gulf manpower is also among the leading Dubai recruitment agencies and serves employment-seekers in the East African region from their Nairobi office.

They maintain a huge database of jobs in the UAE and could help you secure a well-paying job.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Watersys Annex, 3rd and 4th Floor, Opp. Jamia Mall, Tubman Road, Nairobi

Telephone: 0722 304787



8.   Talent Quest Africa

Talent Quest takes you through the entire recruitment process professionally and ethically and they’re also very honest.

They offer opportunities in myriad sectors.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Information House, Opp. Afya Center, Nairobi (Room 504)

Telephone: 0722 802 400


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9.   Elmvale agency

Elmvale agency is a top-notch and professional Dubai agent in Nairobi.

Their mission is to help match Kenyans with the right jobs in Dubai and elsewhere.

They also advertise their latest opening on their Facebook page.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Uchumi House, Nairobi (10th floor)

Telephone: 0722 359 558


10.     Jawabu Consultancy Nairobi

Jawabu is yet another licensed International recruitment agencies in Kenya and facilitate jobs and travel for Kenyans seeking a better life in the Middle East.

They, however, attract split opinions with some of their clients complaining of poor customer service while others report having benefited.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Unipen Apartments, Argwings Kodhek Rd, Hurlingham (Block A, Suite 6, 2nd Floor)

Telephone:  020 2408760



How to get a job in Dubai

People often ask what is the easiest way of getting a job in Dubai..

Well, I spoke to a couple of Kenyans in Dubai and gathered some interesting tips:

·         Leave Kenya with your job contract ready

If you choose to apply for Dubai jobs via agents, insist on having your job contract before leaving.

This simplifies matters since getting a VISA is a straightforward affair for those with job contracts.


·         Ensure that all your documents have been endorsed before leaving Kenya

Make sure all your academic documents and testimonials have been attested to by the officers at Kenya’s ministry of foreign affairs before leaving.

Otherwise, you will have plenty of trouble trying to send your papers back for attestation when already in Dubai.

The papers I am referring to include your certificate of good conduct as well as your Kenyan passport, passport photos, etc.


·         Check your medical records

You must be in pristine health condition and have medical documentation to prove that if you want to work in the gulf.

If not, be prepared to be sent back to Kenya due to even treatable ailments like TB.

I should add that Dubai doesn’t allow entry for HIV-positive visitors so check on that.

·         Target lowly jobs first

Instead of going for the banking executive job which isn’t forthcoming, you can target security or customer care jobs since these are easier to get.

This will help you reach Dubai after which you can start hunting for a job in your line a few months down the line.

I know of a friend who started as a customer care executive in a Dubai hotel but is today a senior manager in a 5-star Dubai facility so this works.

·         Be a risk-taker

It’s not a must to use the Dubai job agents in Kenya and you can instead risk and travel to Dubai on a 90-day visitor’s VISA.

You will then spend the ensuing 90 days knocking on every door and hopefully, you should have gotten a job by the time your VISA expires.

In that case, the best way to apply for the 3 month VISA is through Dubai VISA agents Nairobi like the Emirates. The rates vary.

You will obviously need to have enough cash to fund your stay in Dubai including accommodation (from 600 AED per month) and bus fare during this period.

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Dubai job agents in Kenya: Frequently asked questions

Q: How much commission do the agents charge?

Well, the commission rates vary but budget about shs. 100000- shs.200000 on average.

Q: How easy is it to get a job in Dubai?

Like every other region, there are periods when periods are scarce (for example, during the Ramadhan because some firms have reduced activity) and some better seasons. Again, luck matters.

Q: How can I get work visa for Dubai?

I already answered this: use Dubai VISA agents in Kenya like Emirates.

Q: What is a good salary in Dubai?

It depends on your lifestyle and whether you have a family. For singles, a salary of between AED 7000-8000 will help you afford luxurious living in Dubai. This can double if you travel with your family.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get such a salary as a first-timer so some Kenyans start with low paying jobs in the service industry and rise gradually.

In fact, some Kenyans earn as little as 1500 AED initially.


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