Here is How To Sell on Jumia Kenya and Make crazy Money  

A lot of people has been asking me about how to sell on Jumia Kenya and how to expand their businesses using Jumia vendor services.

Other key questions have been on how much are Jumia Kenya commissions and what sells most on Jumia Kenya.

Well, this article is for you and anyone who runs a business and has been dreaming of making extra cash online be selling on Jumia.

But first things first:sell on jumia kenya

What is Jumia Kenya?

Jumia is an internet marketing giant running online shops in over 14 African countries.

Founded in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, Jumia (formerly Africa Internet Group) has over 4000 employees and over 50,000 vendors selling their merchandise via its enormous online marketplace.

Jumia founders are Sacha Poignonnec and Jeremy Hodara, both ex-McKinsey consultants.

Jumia is today the biggest eCommerce company in Africa and accepts sellers in countless areas..

You can market electronics, groceries, domestic appliances, spare parts, sports attire, fashion…….you name it.

They have also opened other booming subsidiaries including Jumia Food Kenya (for the hospitality industry) and Jumia travel Kenya (for accommodation players).

Can You Make Money Selling Your Shops Products online?

The simple answer is YEEEES!

And not just money but humongous amounts. Indeed, a good number of Kenyans selling online are getting more sales from Jumia than from the traditional walk-in customers.

For instance, David Kigo, the winner of Jumia’s race to Bangkok contest (2017) sold over 3,000 items and pocketed a cool shs.5M in 1 month.

How To Sell Now On Jumia And Start Making Moneyjumia seller centre

Making cash from this vast internet store is super easy:

You register, undergo Jumia’s dedicated training session for new sellers, and lastly upload the products you would like to start selling.

You need an email address, a phone number, and your banking information when opening an account.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Register On Jumia Seller Center

You will be selling from the Jumia sellers portal so you need to obtain a Jumia Seller Center login Kenya username and password.

Here is how:

  • Go to Jumia Sign Up Kenya here.
  • Fill in the provided registration form accurately.jumia kenya contacts

Your business registration certificate/license plus bank account details will be needed at this point.jumia vendor services

After some background verification by the eCommerce’s firm staff, you will get an email from the seller center. Remember to open this email and to click on the provided link to verify your new seller’s account. 

Step 2: Train on Jumia’s Vendor University

You are required to pace through the Jumia training online via their Vendor’s university after the approval of your shop.

This specialized training covers the basics of online marketing and how to professionally manage an internet outlet.

Step 3: List your Products and start selling!

Your last step is product listing.

Here you just upload your products of choice and start selling. Note that you are supposed to commence with at least 5 different items.

Seen that? Easy peasy..

Of course, Jumia handles the deliveries and payments for you so the only thing remaining at this stage is learning the ecommerce market.

Jumia seller Centre Portaljumia sign up kenya

This is a website devoted to Jumia sellers.

You will be logging in here to access all essential operational data regarding transactions involving your items with JUMIA.

From viewing a products’ performance, updating inventory, and editing the prices, the portal enables you to manage everything. You can as well monitor your sales besides following pending, shipped and even canceled orders.

What Can You sell on Jumia?

You can sell practically everything: Phones and Tablets, Home and Office, Fashion products, Computing, Cameras, Watches, Electronics, Toys, Sunglasses, Baby/kids products, Sport and Fitness, Health and Beauty, Games and Consoles, Automobile products, Services, Movies and Music, Books, Wedding accessories, Groceries plus more.

What You Can’t sell on Jumia?

Jumia doesn’t, however, allow cigarettes, pharmaceutical drugs, weapons, pornographic media, fireworks, and adult toys.

You cannot also sell animals and plants banned by the Government.

To be permitted, your product must be in its authentic packaging and untampered with.

You should, in addition, include the original manufacturer’s warranty, where applicable.

To minimize fraud, Jumia normally inspects items you deliver to them for onward shipping before dispatching them to shoppers.

The internet superstore takes care of all logistics through their contracted partners like Posta Kenya, G4S, Mash poa, among others.

What Sells Most On Jumia Kenya

From our analysis, it seems electronics outsell most of the other categories.

But many other product groups are registering heartwarming sales so it’s worth the risk.

Again, you can easily become the champion in your category by coming up with creative offers.

Over time, this could result in colossal sales and a handsome income.

Jumia Commission Structure

To keep the platform running and meet transportation expenses, Jumia charges a small commission on items you sell through them….

Here are the percentage commissions per item/category:

  • Tablets-9%
  • Smartphones-5%
  • Feature phones-15%
  • Power banks-15%
  • Cases & covers-15%
  • Cameras-10%
  • DVD Players & Digital TV receivers-10%
  • TVs-9%
  • Home theaters & speakers-10%
  • Projectors and screens-10%
  • Ipod & MP3 players-10%
  • Hi-Fi & radios-10%
  • Car audios-10%
  • Video consoles-10%
  • Video games-10%
  • TV stands and accessories-15%
  • Headphones and earphones-15%
  • Multimedia speakers-10%
  • Laptops-7%
  • Desktops-8%
  • All-in-one computers-8%
  • Printers and scanners-10%
  • Storage disk-10%
  • Software-10%
  • Other computing accessories-15%
  • Bundles-10%
  • Office equipment-10%
  • Security and CCTV-10%
  • Kitchen and dining appliances -15%
  • Other home appliances-11%
  • Fragrances-15%
  • Makeup-15%
  • Hair and haircare-15%
  • Skin care-15%
  • Health and wellbeing products-15%
  • Hand, feet,nailcare-15%
  • Men’s grooming-15%
  • Old beauty-15%
  • Kid’s beauty-15%
  • Perfumes santa day-15%
  • Bath and body-15%
  • Sports accessories-15%
  • Fitness equipment-15%
  • Nutrition-15%
  • Sports wear-15%
  • Outdoor games-15%
  • Health-15%
  • Music-10%
  • Video games-10%
  • Baby-7%
  • Kids toys and games-15%
  • Kids accessories-15%
  • Gifts-15%
  • School stores-15%
  • Party store-15%
  • Kids fashion-15%
  • Books-15%
  • Bus tickets-15%
  • Event tickets-15%
  • Stationeries-15%
  • Spare parts -15%
  • Air/fuel/oil/pollen filters-15%
  • Wiper-15%
  • Spark plugs-15%
  • Car care products-15%
  • Fuel additives-15%
  • Brakes-15%
  • Engine parts-15%
  • Suspension-15%
  • Electric and lighting-15%
  • Body and exhaust-15%
  • Car audio-15%
  • Tire inflators-15%
  • Car accessories-15%
  • Quad bikes-15%
  • Tyres-15%
  • Gift hampers (special day gifts e.g  Valentine day hampers)-15%
  • Nonalcoholic hampers-15%
  • Alcoholic gift hampers-15%
  • Photo albums-15%
  • Novelty gifts-15%
  • Book accessories-15%
  • Gift wrappers & bags-15%
  • Cards and tags-15%
  • e-vouchers-15%
  • Physical vouchers-15%
  • Suit case-15%
  • Groceries-12%
  • Food cupboard-12%
  • Drinks-12%
  • Pet supplies-12%
  • Air fresheners-12%
  • Householder cleaners-12%
  • Laundry products-12%
  • Pesticides & insecticides-12%
  • Cleaning accessories-12%
  • Dishwashing-12%
  • Toilet cleaning-12%
  • Tissue, toilet/kitchen rolls-12%
  • Food bags and foil-12%
  • Deodorants-12%
  • Dental care-12%
  • Men daily needs-12%
  • WoMen daily needs-12%
  • Sexual well being-12%
  • Soaps-12%
  • Hand sanitizers-12%
  • e-cigarette and accessories-12%
  • Women clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories-15%
  • Adelphi small leather items, accessories, and handbags-15%
  • Coats and jackets-15%
  • Men’s shoes and clothing-15%
  • Watches and sunglasses-15%
  • Jumia global-15%
  • Sex toys, condoms, lubricants and creams, BDSM-15%
  • Games and accessories-15%

Jumia Kenya Payment Methodsjumia kenya location in nairobi

The payment structure is very flexible. You can select to receive your cash monthly, daily, or weekly.

Coming to how you will be receiving your money, registered vendors can opt to be paid via MPESA or their respective bank accounts.

Jumia Kenya Return Policy

Customers returning products are to make a claim either requesting you to replace the product or asking for their cash back.

Such cases are handled by Jumia’s vendors’ hub and you will be required to comply.

The good thing is that the online hypermarket compensates its sellers for items stolen or damaged when in the hands of buyers so your merchandise is secure.

How To Outsmart Other Sellers

As I mentioned earlier on, there are dozens of other vendors selling similar products so you need to be smart.

In my opinion, to excel, you need to focus on perfecting a few things:

  1. Fast Deliveries

Follow up to ensure that the client’s orders are delivered within the shortest time possible.


You see, Jumia allows customers to pay on delivery.

This means that delays could cause your customer to develop cold feet and buy from the nearby shop (where sales are instant).

  1. Best Quality

Quality is particularly crucial considering that online commerce is built on trust. Supplying the product that meets the clients expected standards will attract the holy grail of internet marketing- a five-star rating.

The more 5-star ratings you get, the more trustworthy you look to prospects and the more sales you will make.

Like you can see above, this seller has a rating of 3.5/5.0 and has made over 10000 successful sales.

Needless to say, lower ratings mean reduced trust and fewer sales.

Here is my advice:

Strive to win these prestigious 5-star rewards from each client by serving them professionally.

That is: Sell the exact quality and on time.

  1. Best Pricing

Here is the other tricky bit: price.

Don’t forget that for Kenyans, pricing is a huge attraction.

The thing is while you may not necessarily be the cheapest, you cannot afford to be the most expensive.

In any case, buyers will browse through the various sellers’ prices before settling on who to buy from so you better price items intelligently.

Who Else is Selling on Jumia?

By opening a shop on Jumia, you join a select group of both upcoming and established brands selling on the website including Bata, Armco, Nairobi Sports House, Darling hair, and L’Oreal.

Others like Microsoft, Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo and Samsung are utilizing Jumia’s gigantic distribution network to push their products to every corner of our country.

Benefits of Selling on Jumia

Selling on Jumia could be your best ever decision and here is why:

1.   You get a countrywide market reach for your product as soon as you start to sell on Jumia Kenya.

2.   You will also be benefitting from free marketing for your products on Jumia’s various advertising channels including agents engaged in Jumia Dropshipping and the numerous Jumia jForce agents (on Jumia’s affiliate program, one of the biggest affiliate programs in Kenya).

3.   There is no rent or such other fixed costs. You can even run your business from home provided you have smooth logistical arrangements to drop off products for delivery.

4.   You can sell on Jumia Kenya on the go from the Jumia app.

5.   Unlimited income- there is no limit/caps and you can list as many products as possible and make all the sales you want.

Jumia Kenya Location In Nairobijumia agent kenya

Jumia Kenya is located in Nairobi’s CBD, Emperor Plaza, along Kenyatta Avenue. Opp. GPO

You will find Jumia customer care and their busy administrative centre here.

Additionally, Jumia has subsidiary offices in all other 4 major towns: Kisumu (Sibuor shop, on Oginga Odinga street ), Mombasa(Opp. Badar Pharmacy), Nakuru (Lydia Arcade , along Kenyatta avenue), and Eldoret (Dalsa center- Oloo street ).

Jumia Kenya Contacts and Jumia Customer Care Kenya

Email: [email protected]

Office phone: 0712 302 369/ 0733 931 101/ 0708 075928

Customer care: 0700 000990

Toll Free: 0800 721 301.

Sell on Jumia Kenya Guide: Conclusion

Boosted by the impressive internet penetration in Kenya, Jumia has managed to outfox almost everyone else and in the process transformed the way we do business.

Jumia’s strategy has been so simple but super effective:

Partner with every willing vendor and persuade Kenyans to trust online shops through aggressive marketing.

And boy, hasn’t Jumia succeeded?

This could ,therefore, be your chance to build a giant online empire.

By the way, I can help you open your shop, list your products, and start selling on Jumia.

Just get in touch on [email protected] or on 0732777838 and I will take you through the Jumia Sign up Kenya process.



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