Accounting Colleges in Kenya: Check these great 22 CPA Colleges

Becoming a CPA can open up a world of opportunities for you in the ever-green finance industry. Thankfully, unlike the past when there were only a few accounting colleges in Kenya, there are dozens of good colleges spread across the country all waiting to help you pass your CPA exams.

Note that the course is involving and many have fallen by the wayside before completing the course so it’s important that you select one of the best Accounting colleges in Kenya.

Where should you start?

Now, there’s so much information out there and choosing the best accounting college can be difficult. We have therefore compiled a list of the top 22+ accounting colleges in Kenya to help you make a smart choice.

Here they are:

Accounting Colleges in Kenya: Reviews and Contacts

We will start with accounting colleges right here in the city..

Accounting Colleges in Nairobi (CPA Colleges in Nairobi)

Needless to say, most of the best accounting colleges in Kenya are found in the city. Here they are:

Vision Institute of Professionals

Vision Institute of professionals or VIP as some fondly call it offers high-quality studies and is, hands down, one of the very best accounting colleges in Kenya.

In fact, Visions has consistently produced the best students in KASNEB exams for the past 10 years.

I am an alumnus of Vision Institute of professionals and I loved everything about the college.

Vision Institute of Professionals Contacts

Location: City Centre Campus-City Square Building, along Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi

Telephone: 020 243117

Facebook page:

Summit Institute of Professionals

At Summit, students benefit from the amazing facilities including topnotch tutors as well as career growth opportunities including networking events.

You will enjoy being taught by some of the biggest names around including Mr. Charles Kimondo (CPA, MBA,Bcom) and Mr. Wafula Wamunyonyi (pHD fellow).

Summit Institute of Professionals Contacts

Location: Bank House-6th Floor, Moi Avenue/Kenyatta Avenue Junction, Near Nairobi Sports House. Nairobi

Telephone: 0721 627 388/0720 322 961


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Star College of Management Studies

High pass rates in CPA exams and interactive lecturers define the accounting programs at Star College.

Both the CPA and ATD (Diploma in accounting) boast close to 100% pass rates in KASNEB exams every sitting.

Star College of Management Studies Contacts

Location: Kalyan House, along Tubman Road/ Biashara Street, Nairobi

Telephone: 0728 787974


KCA University

One of the pioneer CPA schools, KCA University has remained on top of the game for nearly 20 years.

Indeed, hundreds of the top finance honchos in both the public and private sectors took a CPA course in KCA University.

In a nutshell, you cannot go wrong with KCA University.

KCA University Contacts

Location: Ruaraka, Thika Superhighway, Nairobi

Telephone:  0715 532187


Strathmore University

Strathmore is a highly reputable private, Catholic university situated in Madaraka Estate, Nairobi.

It is a large institution with students enrolling in their thousands thanks to their popular programs.

The University started as a specialized accounting school and still retains its excellent CPA and ATD lecturers.

Strathmore University Contacts

Location: Madaraka, Ole Sangale Road, Nairobi.

Mobile: 0703 034 414 / 0703 034 000/200/300


Royal Business School

Another top-rated accounting college in Kenya, RBS offers one of the best intensive CPA/ATC exam preparatory sessions (Block release) after completing the syllabus.

Again, the tutors here, led by the humorous Mr. Njiru and Kiarie (FR) make accounting fun.

Plus, they have flexible programs including early morning classes (6.20am-7.50am).

Royal Business School Contacts

Location: Stan-Bank House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

Mobile: 0716 388 701 / 0722 241 005


Regional Center of Management (RCM)

RCM offers myriad accountancy courses including ACCA, ATD, CPA, & CAMS and is another top training institution.

Students undergo a special mentorship program pioneered by Joshua Aura, a renowned ACCA mentor.

Regional Center of Management (RCM) Contacts

Location: Stan-Bank House(Mr.Price), Moi-Avenue, Nairobi.

Mobile: 0719 525 000



Carlile College

At Carlile College, you can take computerized accounting courses alongside your CPA to make your resume more compelling.

The college is strategically located along Jogoo Road (Church Army Stage) and has hostels facilities.

Carlile College Contacts

Location: Jogoo Road (Church Army Stage).

Mobile: 0733 228 144 / 0722 423 397


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Traction School of Governance and Business

Traction School of Governance and Business offers CPA (all levels), ATD, and a host of other KASNEB programs.

It’s one of the very few accounting colleges in Kenya offering online studies.

Traction School Of Governance And Business Contacts

Location:  Pioneer House, 5th Floor, Moi Avenue

Mobile: 0700 524589 /+254 789 524 589


Accounting Colleges in Mombasa

You have a couple of options if you’re planning to take a CPA course from the coast..

Take a look:

Vision Institute of Professionals – Mombasa campus

Like I had mentioned, Visions has gained an amazing reputation as one of Kenya’s premier accounting colleges and fortunately for you, they have a brilliant campus in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Vision Institute of Professionals Mombasa Campus Contacts

Location: Makadara Chemist Building, Meru Rd, off Digo Road. Or Moi Avenue, Equatorial Commercial bank bldg..

Mobile: 0715 577 152/0723281581

Star Institute of Professionals

Star Institute is also an approved accountancy Institution and is led by a team of experienced lecturers.

The college has been in operation since 2013.

Star Institute Contacts

Location: Maganjo House, 3rd Floor(Nyerere avenue) – Mombasa.

Mobile: 0704978271.



Times Training Centre

Times Training College Mombasa has been training KASNEB students for years now.

It’s one of the few accredited CPA colleges in Mombasa and has assembled a team of experienced and hardworking tutors.

Times Training College Mombasa Contacts

Location:  Postbank building, 3rd Floor, adjacent to Unik Driving School, Moi Avenue, Mombasa

Mobile: 0722 999538

Accounting colleges in Kisumu

If you’re in Kenya’s third biggest city, check out these colleges:

KCA University Kisumu

KCA Kisumu campus (also serving as the KCA western campus) offers all the six levels of CPA, CAMS, and ATD alongside its various Diplomas and undergraduate programs.

Intakes are in January and July each year.

KCA University Kisumu campus contacts

Location:  Swan Center, Kisumu Kenya, Oginga Odinga Street

Mobile: 254 572 024 094/5



East Africa Institute of Certified Studies Kisumu

Although best known for other courses, ICS College in Kisumu offers top-quality training in CPA under its business department.

You can select fulltime, evening, or weekend study modes.

ICS College Kisumu Contacts

Location:  Mayfair Plaza, Kisumu Kenya, Oginga Odinga Road.

Mobile: 0722 857455


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Colleges offering CPA in Nakuru

The leading accounting colleges in Kenya are missing from Nakuru County but you still have some great options from the local colleges.

Here are some leaders…

Adept College

Prospective accountants and auditors can earn their CPA certificate at the fast-growing Adept College in Nakuru.

The CPA lecturers are led by CPA Lilian and have graduated dozens of CPAs since 2014.

Adept College Nakuru Contacts

Location:  Shawmut Plaza, Mosque Road, Nakuru.

Mobile: 0706 677132


Rift Valley Institute of Business studies

From its humble beginnings in Kericho Town, RVIBS has risen to become a household name in business training in the Rift valley region.

Apart from the CPAs, you can join the KNEC Diploma in accounting program if you so wish.

Rift Valley Institute of Business studies Contacts

Location:  Biashara Centre, Nakuru, 3rd floor , Mburu Gichua road.

Mobile: 0715 111101



Accounting Colleges in Nyeri

Those in Nyeri can attend Rware College of accountancy, which is together with KCA one of the oldest accounting colleges in Kenya- or Dexter International College.

Here are their contact details..

Rware College of Accounts Contacts

Location:  Teachers Plaza Building, Behind Maathai Supermarket, 3rd floor.

Mobile: 0722 433758


Dexter International College Contacts

Location:  Nyeri Shopping Complex, Past Safaricom Customer care center Nyeri.

Mobile: 0795 057866

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CPA colleges in Thika

Thika is home to dozens of colleges, including a number of KASNEB registered colleges in Kenya.

Check out the following CPA colleges in Thika..

Excel Institute of Professionals

EIP, as Excel institute is fondly known has been the college of choice for KASNEB students in Thika since 2006.

They have good pass rates and high standards.

Excel Institute of Professionals Contacts

Location:  3rd Floor, Kisii Street, Murathe Plaza, Thika

Mobile: 0731 416503

Transafric Accountancy and Management College

Another standout business and finance college in Thika, Transafric College has outstanding facilities and charges reasonable fees.

Transafric Accountancy and Management Contacts

Location:  Nelion Center, 4th Floor(NHIF Building), Kenyatta Highway-Thika Town

Mobile: 0722 518 307


Accounting Colleges in Meru

In Meru, your best bets are Meru MYCA College and Meru Institute of Business Studies. Here are their contact and location information.

Meru YMCA College/Training Institute

Location:  Meru

Telephone: 020-2724699 ()

Email: [email protected]

Meru Institute of Business Studies (MIBS)

MIBS is another accounting college offering flexible timings.

In fact, it’s the only CPA college offering evening classes in Meru and is hence immensely popular among part-time CPA learners in the county.

MIBS Contacts

Location: Coop-Bank, Makutano Building, Meru Makutano, 3rd Floor

Mobile: 0720 917521/0724 721957


CPA Colleges in Eldoret

Here are our recommended accounting colleges in Eldoret.

Kings College of Accountancy

Location:  Sirgoek Bldg, Opp. Vima Plaza, 1st Floor, Eldoret

Mobile: 0726599833

Eldoret Technical Training institute

Location:  Telecom House/Orange House- Kenyatta Street, Eldoret

Mobile: 0725 818644

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Final words

A CPA can be a handy addition to your resume and can help you build a lucrative career in the finance industry.

The above accounting colleges in Kenya have what it takes to help you pass your exams in record time and even expose you to other opportunities in taxation, consultancy, and forensic accounting.

I have included all the contacts and their physical address so you shouldn’t have problems locating your choice.

As usual, remember to research each further before committing your cash.

Good luck.


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