Zawadi Loans: How to apply and complete guide

Zawadi Loans are same-day loans provided by Zawadi Kenya, one of Kenya’s leading online lenders.

The loans are targeted at salaried Kenyans to help them bridge the financial gap between paydays and have a straightforward application process.

The loans are available to borrowers all across counties in Kenya.

This article will answer all your questions regarding Zawadi loans. I will also take you through the easy application steps.

Let’s go..


What makes Zawadi Loans different from other Kenya online loans

Zawadi loans have several standout features…

  • Same-day Cash: The lender typically approves loans within 2 hours and you will receive your cash the same day.
  • Seamless application: It takes as little as 2 minutes to complete the loan application as everything is done conveniently online.
  • Discounted loans: You can have the loan charges reduced by as much as 30% if you’re a member of Zawadi’s customer loyalty program, Zawadi plus.

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How Zawadi Loans Work and the application process

Zawadi is widely regarded as one of the best Kenya loans services thanks to their efficient loan advancement system and reasonable loan charges.

Here is how the loan program works.


Step 1: Loan Application

Your first step is to apply online via Zawadi’s easy online loan application portal.

The application form is super simple and you only need to fill in the requested details.

These include your name, current employer, years of service, your salary details, and the amount you wish to borrow.

Zawadi Loans

You will click on the submit button as soon as you have keyed in everything.

The system will then forward your application form to the Zawadi loan team and they will immediately review the information.

An officer from the company will then communicate their feedback to you through email within 2 hours and request you to deliver supporting documentation to their offices.

For starters, the company requires you to submit the following documents…

  • Your latest 3 payslips -Original and photocopy
  • Your latest 3-months bank statements- Original and photocopy
  • A recent colored passport photograph- One copy
  • A copy of a utility bill in your name, for example, Nairobi water/sewerage bill.
  • Your National Identification card- Original and photocopy
  • Your KRA PIN- Original and photocopy

Step 2: Loan Approval

If satisfied, Zawadi loans will approve your loan – usually by 2 PM daily.

They will again get in touch asking you to collect the loan cheque.

Step 3: Collect your Cheque

You now go for your cheque and cash it a bank of your choice.

And that’s it..

Now, before you apply, you need to decide on your most ideal loan.

That’s because the company offers different types of loans.

Here they are..

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Types of Zawadi Kenya Loans

Zawadi ltd has two different credit facilities..


1.   InstaLoan

This is one-month emergency loan customized to help you meet demanding financial goals.

It’s essentially a facility to help you merge your immediate and next salary to pay for an asset or meet another bigger financial need.

Zawadi charges an interest rate of 17% on InstaLoans.


2.   ShuleChumz Loans

ShuleChumz Loans are specifically tailored to help you pay school fees’ effortlessly.

You are allowed a 3-months repayment period and you’re charged a 19% interest rate on reducing balance.

Notably, ShuleChumz loan cheques are addressed to your appointed school.

Zawadi Loans Terms and Conditions

I have already explained that the interest rate is 17% and 19% for Instaloan and ShuleChumz Loan respectively.

In addition, you must meet these requirements to qualify for a Zawadi payday loan:

  • You have to be a Kenyan adult (aged over 18 years)
  • You must be earning a salary either through the bank or paycheque.
  • You have to be residing in Kenya


How much can you borrow?

Well, there’s no specific limit.

That being said, while you are free to apply for any desired amount, the amount you’re eventually advanced depends on the company’s assessment of your credit risk and repayment ability.

To a large extent, it all boils down to your income.


How to repay Zawadi loan

The company again goes out of its way to simplify the loan repayment process.

This is what happens:

You are to write a set number of post-dated cheque(s) to cover all the required installment(s).

You then drop these cheques at Zawadi Kenya offices as you collect your loan cheque.

The company will subsequently be cashing the cheques on the due dates without bothering you.


Zawadi Loans APK

Zawadi loans are available only from their online portal so you are not required to download any app.

Just go to the portal here and fill in the application form.

It’s not yet clear if and when the company will be commissioning the Zawadi Kenya app.

How to qualify for discounted loans under the Zawadi Plus members program

As I had hinted, one of the biggest advantages of Zawadi loan products is that you can get as much as a 50% discount on your loan interest and charges.

But this is exclusively for borrowers who belong to the Zawadi plus program.

Perhaps you’re wondering what Zawadi Plus program is..

Well, Zawadi plus is simply a loyalty scheme through which the lender rewards it’s most loyal customers.

As a result, only repeat borrowers are considered for this program.

Here is how it works…

Once you borrow your third loan, you’re automatically added to the Zawadi-Plus Ivory program and you’ll be awarded a 25 percent discount on your 4th and 5th loan.

You will then be promoted to the lucrative Zawadi-Plus Gold program after borrowing the sixth time.

This will earn you a massive 50% discount on your loan interest beginning with your 7th loan.

What’s more, you will be enjoying exclusive customer service which includes the company delivering loan cheques to your doorstep.

More importantly, your loan requests and queries are prioritized over other borrowers by the company’s credit and customer service team.

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Zawadi Kenya Contacts

Post Office Address: P.O. Box 214, Nairobi, Kenya

Zawadi Kenya Telephone: (254) 020 82 10 66

Main Website:

Other ways of Contacting Zawadi Kenya

You can also E-mail your questions to [email protected]

Lastly, you can head over to the website and write them a message through the contact form.

Here is a shortcut to the contact form.



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