Toyota Raum Price In Kenya : How much should you pay in 2020?

From our survey, the Toyota Raum price in Kenya ranges between shs.380000 to shs. 800000 (Foreign used, 2011 model).
But if lucky, you can land a not-so-old Toyota Raum at slightly below the above price from individuals wishing to dispose of their cars quickly because of various reasons.
Now, to give you a clear picture, here are the Toyota Raum prices across various websites and platforms.

Toyota Raum price in Kenya: Average prices on various platforms/websites
Here are the prices we found during our research. (olx)
The cheapest Toyota Raum on Olx ( was quoted at shs.430000 while the priciest model (2012 make) costed shs.795000.
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Cheki had a Toyota Raum 2009 costing shs.380000 (cheapest) and another Toyota Raum 2010 priced at shs.750000 (highest).
Besides, they were plenty of Raum cars for sale within the shs.550000-shs620000 range.

Toyota Raum Price in Car Showrooms
The price of used Toyota Raum is on average shs.650000 (1500cc engine capacity) in showrooms in Nairobi.
These are typically in mint condition, are accident free, and in most cases retain their original paint.
Some showrooms including Montage Motors accept trade-ins.
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What is the Price of importing a Raum Car?
A Toyota Raum is quoted at between $2500-$3200 in Japan.
When you add freight, customs, and port clearance, the price will rise to about shs.800000 to have it delivered to you in Nairobi.
This price isn’t constant and can go up/down if you go for a car with less /more mileage respectively.

Toyota Raum review Kenya: How good is a Toyota Raum?
Now that you’re aware of the average Toyota Raum price in Kenya , here is what you should know about the car.
To start with, it’s an MPV (multi purpose vehicle) car from Toyota with 5 doors/seats.
The gear lever is on the dashboard and there’s more legroom than what you get from hatchbacks like Toyota Vitz.
In addition, you’ll get more storage in the spacious door pockets as well as the glove compartment.
Others useful additions include cup holders, climate control feature, airbags (front passenger & driver), foot-parking brake, and power steering.
Overall, it’s an excellent road handler (City/Urban roads) and you will enjoy maximum ride comfort thanks to its well thought-out design.
Plus, you’re guaranteed a high resale value considering it’s a Toyota.
Here is a summary of the key Toyota Raum specifications.
Toyota Raum specs
• Capacity/Doors: 5 Passengers / 5 Doors
• Tank Capacity: 45Liters
• Fuel Economy: 15 kilometers/Litre
• Engine Type: 4 cylinder
• Drive type/traction: FWD (front wheel drive)
• Gear box: 4-speed (automatic).
• Boot capacity : Large

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Toyota Raum problems
We didn’t come across too many complaints about Toyota Raum.
A few people mentioned that the 2011 model had an issue with the open door indicator warning light refusing to go off.
Other than that, it seems to be quite a dependable car for the Kenyan roads.
Then, as you would expect (it’s a Toyota, remember), spare parts are abundantly available everywhere you check.

To recap, the Toyota Raum price in Kenya is roughly between shs.380000 to shs.800000 (can rise to over shs.1M if you import a fairly new (2013) model directly).
My favorite car shopping place is the car bazaar show held at the Jamhuri showground in Nairobi every Sunday (from 8.00am).
Here you can negotiate with owners one-on-one and you can strike a deal on the spot.
Plus, they have amazing offers.
In addition, you can land a well-conditioned Raum in showrooms and myriad online market places.
As usual, conduct your due diligence ahead of buying- you don’t want to lose your hard-earned cash.
Good luck.
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