Here Are The Best Known Real Estate Companies In Kenya

The number of real estate companies in Kenya are estimated to be in their thousands. And as you would expect, the biggest are headquartered in Nairobi though quite a number have some presence in the counties.

In this article, we will highlight the details of the various real estate players in Kenya including the reputable real estate agents in Nairobi and the leading real estate companies in Mombasa.

Here we go:

Knight Frank Kenya

Knight Frank Kenya is a prominent independent real estate company in Kenya. The company has been in the industry for many years and prides itself in offering professional services for clients searching for perfect homes, property investments or commercial properties.

The consultancy serves some of the biggest real estate investors in the country.

Website: Https://Www.Knightfrank.Co.Ke/

Dalton Realtors Kenya

Located at the 8 Pollock Court Building in Westlands Nairobi,  Dalton Realtors Kenya  (where  Westlands Road & Crossway Roads meet) deal in buying, selling, and renting myriad properties, land, private homes, residential and commercial estates in Kenya.


Villa Care Ltd

Villa Care Limited is another blue-chip realtor and delivers a variety of complete real estate management services in both commercial and residential areas.

Its diverse clients come from all cadres of life.


Homes Universal

Homes Universal is a consortium of several subsidiaries and offers a full package of personalized real estate services from property development, valuations, interior design, and all the way to sales and letting.

The company is always innovating to meet the needs of the market.


Hass Consult Limited

Another shining light, Hass Consult Kenya has made its name building and managing some of the best investment-grade properties across the City of Nairobi.

The uniqueness of their developments lies in the fact that the projects are conceptualized and built using the latest technologies and will thus guarantee handsome returns for investors.

The company is also engaged in the routine real estate business of sales, letting, valuation, and more.


Llyod Masika Limited

Lloyd Masika Ltd. is situated at the Norfolk Towers, Kijabe street in Nairobi and is regarded as one of the most trusted and registered real estate companies in Kenya.

They again provide everything from property management, valuation, advisory, as well as offices for sale.

Lloyd Masika also has one of the best property websites in Kenya.


Optiven Enterprise limited Kenya

Optiven enterprise limited has previously been voted the number one land selling Company in the real estate category and number 4 in the general real estate industry in the East Africa region.

The company was also the winner of the Top 100 Mid Sized Companies awards by KPMG & Nation Media Group, 2014/2015.


Crystal Valuers Limited

Another one of the leaders, Crystal Valuers has been providing realtor services to its huge base of clientele for quite some time.

They have a huge name because of their focus towards professional and ethical practices in the highly competitive real estate sector.


Tysons Limited

Tyson ltd. deals with a host of expert property real estate management and operation services.

The company provides standard real estate solutions and has maintained global standards over the years by constantly satisfying and exceeding their customer requirements.


Ark Consultancy Limited

This Real estate agent in Nairobi is yet another firm consistency delivering beyond its clients’ expectations. Among its top attractions are super professionalism, personalized services, and a culture of innovation in the real estate industry.

You can thus expect handsome returns either as rent or capital appreciation as an investor and honest services as a buyer/tenant.


Axis Real Estate Ltd

Axis Real Estate Ltd has been excelling in property management advisory and outstanding customer care in various real estate markets in Kenya.

This is not entirely surprising considering they have over 20 years of operational experience in property management.


Gimco Limited

Gimco limited acts as Valuers, Estate and Managing Agents, Land Development Consultants, amongst numerous related services.

Incorporated in 1985, the company has grown to be one of the main real estate players in virtually all property management matters.


Royani Properties Limited

Despite being a late entrant into the real estate arena, Royani is slowly but surely winning over the market thanks to its knack to spot the right deals and efficient services.

Whether you’re after a prime property in Nairobi or want to dispose of a strategic asset in Nairobi or its surroundings environs, Royani ensures the best experience all through the process.

The company is equally adept at letting and consultancy services.

Website: estate agents in Nairobi

Ryden International LTD

Ryden International also makes it into our list of real estate agents in Kenya by virtue of their brilliant performance when we come to offering Site Acquisition Service to the lead players in the telecommunications industry.

Besides helping Telcos like Safaricom handle their real estate deals like pros, the company also engages in a plethora of essential aid in estate agency, valuation, and general consultancy.


Homescope Properties Ltd

Homescope properties Ltd is popular due to the Great staff, smooth sailing operations, and its beautiful properties.

Plus, their offices are located in a very serene environment.


Dinara Developers

Dinara developers have a carved out a massive following in the Kenya real estate industry mainly because of its unparalleled competency when it comes to getting the best deal for its clients.

It started off as a land buying and selling company before transitioning into a fully-fledged real estate business in Kenya so they have sufficient experience in all spheres.


Vaal Property

Vaal real estate offers elite residences located in some of the most prime areas in the city including properties along the exclusive Riverside Drive.

They also have contemporary villas and other stylish properties scattered across Nairobi.

And as the company says, Vaal could be the best place to sell, buy, let, or rent a property.


Renton Kenya

Renton Real estate is also rated as a leading real estate agency and is undoubtedly among the best real estate management companies in Kenya.

They are very personable and thorough when it comes to finding you the right properties, land sales, buying and selling of luxurious homes, and customized housing in Kenya.


Other Real Estate Companies in Kenya

  • Azizi Realtors

This runs of the best property websites in Kenya. You can list or buy/rent cool properties from their website.


  • Royalite Kenya Realty

Previously going by the name Royal Realtors Kenya, this is another of the top-notch private realtors in Nairobi.

They offer a majority of the regular realty services to a wide range of clientele and are very welcoming.


  • AMS properties


  • Landmark Realtors Ltd


  • Ace Realtors Limited Nairobi


  • Swift Realtors Limited


  • Alliance Realtors Limited


  • Pam Golding Properties Kenya


  • Bemwa Realtors Ltd


  • Dominion Valuers Limited


  • Misati Realtors


  • Dunhill Consulting Limited


  • Premier Realty Estate Agents


  • Exposure Interlink Agencies Ltd


  • Enjoy Properties

This is found in Thika Town.

Website: Frank Kenya

Kisumu Estate Agents

Several real estate companies serve the greater western Kenya region and Kisumu. Here are a few of the leading ones:

1.Nyarusinga Commercial Agencies


2.Bedvin Investments


3.Lake Estate Agency Ltd


4.Western Arrow Company Ltd


Real Estate Companies In Mombasa

The coastal town has some of the best properties in Kenya including holiday homes. Subsequently, some of the biggest real estate dealers have pitched camp in Mombasa to serve this market.

Here is a highlight of the operational real estate companies in Mombasa:

1.Mombasa Real Estate Agencies Limited


2.Arkaan Properties


3.Myspace Properties Kenya


4.KRUSS Properties


5.Nairobi Homes Mombasa Ltd


6.Tazama Real Estate Agents


7.Tristar Property Management


8.DK Real Estates Ltd


9.Goldwyne Consult




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