CISA Jobs in Kenya : How to qualify, CISA guidelines, and more

So, how do you qualify for CISA Jobs in Kenya?

Well, I know that some of you may be hearing about these lucrative jobs for the first time.

And that’s fine.

But the thing is, thanks to technology, the ground has shifted when it comes to careers in finance and accounting.

In fact, last year, the World Economic Forum(WEF) categorized accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll as one of the top 10 declining jobs in its future of jobs report.

CISA Jobs in Kenya
Courtesy: WEF

But does it mean that Kenya and the rest of the Planet will no longer need accountants, auditors, finance managers and such professionals?


But firms will, however, need a ‘new’ accountant, auditor, finance manager, tax expert, or accounts clerk.

No wonder a new category of jobs have emerged for CPA and ACCA holders…

I am speaking about job roles that were not there five years ago such as:

  • CISA Jobs in Kenya
  • Forensic auditor jobs
  • Information system auditor jobs
  • Accounting software consultant

cisa kenya

For a casual observer, these might look like they need someone with a background in criminology or ICT/IT.

But when you peruse further, all these including CISA Jobs in Kenya require that you must have a CPA (or ACCA), first and foremost.

Which just confirms what I mentioned above- the cheese has moved as far as getting hired in finance roles is concerned.

And that having a CPA is no longer enough to secure a well-paying position.

Heck, even having a bachelor’s degree alone doesn’t offer any guarantees.

In fact, even a master’s degree may not save you if you ignore technology!

In short, the World is looking for a tech-savvy accountant, finance manager, auditor, tax expert, accounts clerk, bursar, accounts assistant, management consultant, risk manager etc.

And it makes sense considering that nearly every transaction is executed using computer software.

Sure, you can thoroughly audit ledger and cash books in addition to receipts, invoices, bills and all those manual procedures and documentation.

But the thing is, you might be in for lengthy ‘tarmacking’ if you have no idea what computerized accounting software, iTax, or CAATs software is.


cisa course outline

And that brings me to our key topic today – how can you secure any of those CISA jobs in Kenya.

I want to discuss these jobs first as they seem to be taking too long before being filled, mainly because CPA holders as well as many ICT graduates largely ignore the CISA certification.

Yet, you can’t perform the involved tasks without a good grasp of some of the concepts covered in the CISA course outline.

You might think that CISA is new in Kenya but nothing can be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, Strathmore and KCA universities have been offering this prestigious certification for as long as I can remember.

In a nutshell, I am here to encourage you to pursue CISA if you want to stand out from the crowd- of course, assuming that your passion lies in auditing.


cisa salary in kenya

So, can I now answer all your questions regarding CISA in Kenya?

Well, here we go:


What is CISA?

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is a certification set and examined by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

The course is targeted at holders (or students) of business qualifications like BCom, CPA, Business Management, ACCA, ICT, and Computer science who wish to build a career in auditing  business information systems.

You can only earn the globally-recognized certification after passing the comprehensive, application-based CISA test.

The course is also a powerful addition to your resume if you want to work as a cyber-security expert, audit manager, business management consultant, and more.

What does CISA jobs in Kenya involve?

CISA jobs mainly involve appraising system vulnerabilities and establishing proper computer-based controls in a business environment.

Other roles include:

  • Monitoring: Monitoring the implementation of business processes and procedures, governance practices, and regulatory obligations.
  • Assurance: Participating in the deployment of established information system based risk-management plans to ensure that all procedural and technological risks are identified.
  • Testing: Testing of the instituted internal controls for effectiveness in reducing inherent/emerging risks.
  • Advisory: Offering relevant guidance & advisory to all business stakeholders and IT staff to help lower technological risks.
  • Reporting: Preparing accurate audit reports in a timely manner highlighting system audit findings and making value-adding recommendations.
  • Investigations and reviews: Conducting special reviews and investigations as may be demanded from time to time.


There’s no way you’ll succeed in the above with a CPA or a degree only so CISA is a must-have for most CISA jobs in Kenya.



Globally, the average salary for ISACA certified professionals (including CISA) are 22% more than their peers.


CISA course outline

The CISA exam takes four hours and comprises of 150 (one hundred and fifty) multiple choice questions.

These questions revolve around the five CISA job practice domains as enumerated below:

  • The process of carrying out an audit of information systems.
  • Proper governance/ Management of IT systems.
  • Acquisition, building, and implementation of Information systems.
  • IS (information system) operations, maintenance, and servicing.
  • Protecting information assets.

You’ll need to score at least 450 or higher to pass (on a scale of 200 -800) to pass.

CISA Exam schedule

CISA exams are administered thrice in a year -in the months of June, September, and December.

The exam is computer-based and results are available immediately at the end of the test.

The certification is, however, only available after you’ve met the set work experience requirements though you can apply for some waivers.

How to prepare for CISA Exams

You should take advantage of the various official exam preparation materials availed by ISACA through their website including ISACA Review Manuals.

Additionally, search for and take some of the CISA mock/pre-tests published by various independent websites.

Above all, make sure that you have mastered the key syllabus domains before attempting the test.

Finally, think like an accountant when answering the questions.

Colleges offering CISA in Kenya?

Besides Strathmore and KCA, you can enroll at AFRALTI Nairobi (African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute), Waiyaki Way, next to Nairobi Water Co.

If you’re a hyper busy, you can as well choose to study online on websites such as Udemy then book exams at a local college.

This is perhaps the most convenient and cheapest study method.


How long does CISA certification take in Kenya?

It takes about 6-9 months to train and pass the CISA certification exam in Kenya, attending classes during evenings or weekends only.

You can take significantly shorter if you opt for e-learning.

CISA salary in Kenya

Most organizations pay between shs.80000 to shs.200000 depending on your experience for most CISA Jobs in Kenya.


CISA Kenya contacts (ISACA Kenyan chapter)

You can visit CISA Kenya for assistance, clarification, and advisory.

Here are their contacts:

Offices: Vision Plaza,  Mombasa Road, 3rd Floor (Suite no. 4), Nairobi

Postal address: P.O Box 10384 – Nairobi, 00100, Kenya.

Telephone: 020 51 00001 /0786 249357 /0717 116518

Email: [email protected]


Twitter handle: @isaca_kenya

Facebook page:



By the way, some of the CISA jobs in Kenya demands that you hold other certifications including the CIA (certified internal auditor) qualification (I promise to write on this soon).

For now, I am sure you’re now wiser and know the precise steps to take to land the best CISA jobs in Kenya.

As usual, drop your questions in the comments section-I will be happy to answer them.


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