Buy KPLC tokens: 10+ ways to buy KPLC tokens conveniently

By establishing partnerships with various agencies, kplc provides several convenient ways in which you can buy kplc tokens

In fact, there are about different platforms you can use to purchase kplc tokens in Kenya, which is great considering that the main kplc paybill will sometimes experience delays.

I will be showing you how to buy kplc prepaid tokens using the following methods:

  1. MPESA via the main kplc token paybill numbers
  2. Equitel via the equitel kplc paybill number (eazzy pay kplc)
  3. vendIT using the main vendit paybill number (how to buy kplc tokens vendit)
  4. Airtel money
  5. How to buy kplc tokens online using apps like dynamo tokens, JazaPay, or pesa pal- using pesapal kplc online system.
  6. Telkom t-Kash

You can as well buy tokens from any authorized vendor in your neighborhood.

How to buy KPLC tokens via the main KPLC paybill numbers (MPESA)

Here you use the KPLC paybill number 888880.


  1. Go to your MPESA menu on the phone.
  2. Select lipa na mpesa then paybill.
  3. Type Kenya power paybill number 888880 then press OK.
  4. Now type your eleven-digit kplc prepaid meter number then select Ok.
  5. Type the amount depending on the quantity of tokens you wish to buy.
  6. Proceed and type your regular M-PESA PIN then press OK.
  7. Confirm everything from the displayed message including the KPLC business number, pre-paid meter number, in addition to the amount and if happy, press
  8. You soon receive a confirmation SMS from MPESA followed by the token sms from KPLC tokens system.


Buying KPLC tokens using the main vendit paybill number

One of the best options to try especially when there’s a kplc token delay is vendIT, an authorized KPLC token retailing partner.

Follow these straightforward steps to buy kplc tokens from vendit paybill number 501200.


  1. Go to your phone’s MPESA menu.
  2. Select lipa na mpesa followed by paybill.
  3. Now type VendIT paybill number 501200 then press OK.
  4. Next enter your 11-digit kplc prepaid meter number as the account number then choose Ok.
  5. Type your desired amount.
  6. Go ahead and enter your regular M-PESA PIN. Press OK.
  7. Confirm everything then press
  8. You will shortly receive a kplc tokens purchase confirmation SMS from Vendit and MPESA.

Suffice to say that somehow, vendIT generates tokens almost instantly and hardly will you experience delays.

Like the main 888880 number, vendit charges 0 shs for purchases up to shs. 100.

I have always used it and I find it perfect.

How to buy KPLC Tokens from Airtel money

Airtel money is yet another reliable alternative method you can use to recharge your kplc prepaid meter from the comfort of your house (through your mobile phone).

There are many Airtel money agents across the country so loading cash to your AirTel money account shouldn’t be a big issue.


  1. Open the airtel money menu from your phone (obviously from your airtel line)
  2. Select make payments
  3. Choose paybill.
  4. Now select KPLC prepaid then type the amount and press OK
  5. Enter your Airtel money PIN.
  6. You will be prompted for a reference no. This is your KPLC meter number. Type it then proceed choose OK.
  7. A confirmation SMS will be thereafter be sent to you containing the KPLC token number.


How to buy KPLC tokens from Equitel (eazzy pay kplc)

Equitel is an official KPLC partner meaning that Equity bank customers can conveniently purchase kplc tokens from Equity’s EazzyPay app or even directly from their Equitel lines.

Equity tends to be the cheapest option if you’re purchasing a bigger quantity of tokens, let’s say worth 500/- going up.

Here are the relevant steps, if using your Equitel line


  1. Open your Equitel Menu.
  2. Select Eazzy Pay.
  3. Choose Pay Bill.
  4. Select the Equity bank account number you wish to make the kplc token payment from.
  5. Select KPLC Tokens as the business number.
  6. Type your KPLC Prepaid Meter Number.
  7. Click
  8. Type the amount you want to pay to kplc (minimum kshs.100 and maximum kshs.500000).
  9. Next, type your Equitel money PIN then select
  10. Press 1 once you have confirmed that the entered information is correct then Ok.
  11. Your token is sent as a text message within minutes by Kenya power. Equitel also sends a message confirming the purchase.

How to purchase Kenya power tokens from Telkom t-Kash

Telkom’s T-kash offers a number of cross functional payment solutions including kplc token payments and could also be a worthwhile option for Telkom users.

Here is the procedure to follow when buying tokens via t-cash.


  1. Open your T-kash Menu
  2. select Pay Bill
  3. Enter Biller number this time 888880 for kplc.
  4. Enter Account number which is your meter number then confirm the details.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Type your T-kash PIN.

You will get the token and the T-kash confirmation via SMS.

How to buy kplc tokens online

If you’re an online geek, pesapal is your best bet for all bills including kenya power prepaid tokens.

Here is how it works.

·       Buying KPLC tokens using pesapal kplc online system

You can Buy Kenya Power Tokens and have the toke posted instantly to your phone by pesapal.

The money will be deducted from your debit/credit card so make sure you have a sufficient balance before starting.

  1. Go to pesapal here.
  2. Select get started.
  3. Then, select Buy KPLC tokens online from the bottom right hand of your screen.purchase kplc tokens
  4. Under the Pay for utilities tab, click prepaid tockens.
  5. Next you type all the requested information including account (KPLC meter number), amount to pay, your name, and email address. kplc token delay
  6. Click Proceed to Pay
  7. Select how to pay Eg. VISA (and enter the relevant information) then click Complete.

kplc prepaid tokens

The funds will be deducted and transferred to KPLC. You will then receive a confirmation plus the token.



If you want to use the normal MPESA via pesapal, follow these steps:

  1. Open your M-pesa Menu
  2. Choose Pay Bill
  3. Enter Pesapal Business Number 220220
  4. Enter your meter number in the format PAWAXXXXXXXXXXX
  5. Type the Amount
  6. Enter your regular M-Pesa PINthen click send after verifying all the details.
  7. You will get the token as a message shortly from pesapal.


How to buy KPLC tokens using apps like dynamo tokens and Mwangaza

Several apps exist that you can download then  use to purchase tokens. The best known is Dynamo’s pawa app. so I will start with it.

·       How to buy KPLC tokens with Dynamo Digital

Dynamo digital runs the Pawa app that simple, fast, and very secure when it comes to purchasing KPLC tokens. The app eliminates time wastage and also tracks your KPLC tokens purchase history.

This makes quite useful in case you want to maintain a soft record of your past power consumption and expenditure.

I also love the fact that the app can advance you dynamo tokens on credit of you’re loyal to them and credible.

You can opt to download the Pawa app from Playstore and be transacting from the app.

But if you would rather the standard MPESA process, Dynamo kplc paybill number is 800904 and here is the detailed procedure..


  1. Open your MPESA menu.
  2. Select lipa na mpesa then paybill.
  3. Now type Dynamo paybill number 800904 then press OK.
  4. Next type your meter number then click Ok.
  5. Type the amount.
  6. Key in your M-PESA PIN and press OK.
  7. Confirm everything then choose
  8. Like most of the rest, you will receive the tokens via a text message.

·       Purchasing tokens from Mwangaza app.

If for some reasons dynamo pawa app fails, you can check out mwangaza, another brilliant utility bills app.

All you have to do is download mwangaza app from this link and open it to purchase tokens. Make sure you have some money in your mpesa.

You can use the app even to check and pay your outstanding KPLC postpaid meter bills.

Best of all?

Mwangaza gives you some bonuses when you transact!

What an app!

vendit kplc tokens

Other ways of buying KPLC tokens

Finally, here are some of other alternatives…

·       How to Buy KPLC Tokens using Jazapay

Jazapay, another KPLC partner, operates an automated lipa bills chap chap service and you can alternatively use it to buy kplc tokens.

Jazapay guarantees a 99% uptime so token delays are absolutely rare.


  1. Dial *415# then press call on your Safaricom line.
  2. Choose 2 (Buy KPLC tokens) then send.
  3. Next, you’re asked to set add your meter number if you are a first time user. Otherwise the meter number appears automatically so choose 1.
  4. Select buy tokens.
  5. Enter the amount (kshs.200-50000).
  6. Confirm by selecting 1 then slicking send. This triggers an MPESA checkout meaning that you’re prompted to enter your PIN by mpesa after which you receive the token.

okoa stima

·       Buy tokens using KPLC USSD code

Most people forget that you can purchase tokens using KPLC USSD code *885#.

This method is incredibly easy..

Just dial *885# and follow the prompts.

·       Buying KPLC tokens from Kenya Power authorized agents

The last method involves walking to a local kplc vending agent and making an offline token purchase.

There are outlets in nearly all towns in Kenya and you will only need to provide your meter number plus your phone number to get the token.

Some pata power agents prefer to print the token while others will send it via SMS.

How to check KPLC token balance

To check kplc token balance, just read your meter to see the remaining units.

You can also download and use the Kenya Power app to track your balance and your previous transactions.

Another alternative is the Kenya Power Telegram bot.  You will need to download and install Telegram to access this service.

Still, some meters have a code you can press to view your token balance.

For instance, in my meter, I usually press 801 then press enter to confirm.

Ideally, you should top up tokens once your balance falls below 10 units to avoid inconveniences that may occur if you run out of tokens and there are system delays.

KPLC token prices

KPLC token prices vary depending on the date of the month, the quantity you usually buy, and other factors like inflation.

That being said, you will always pay a cheaper price per token unit when you buy in bulk.

For instance, I received 24 units when I made 5 kshs. 100/- token purchases against 29.6 units when I made a single kshs.500 token purchase.

Factories also pay cheaper prices per unit because they traditionally make bulk purchases.


Okoa Stima

Okoa stima is a kplc token credit facilility that allows you buy tokens on credit when you’re in a cash fix. It works almost like Safaricom’s okoa jahazi airtime advance system and will loan you tokens based on your Mpesa history and credit score as aggregated from various data in your phone.

You can easily access this convenient token advance solution from the normal kplc ussd code.

Here are the steps:

  1. Press *885# then call from your Safaricom line.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Choose 1 (prepaid)
  4. Select 2 (Okoa stima)
  5. Choose 1 (get OKOA LOAN)
  6. Select the applicable meter number
  7. Enter the amount and proceed to confirm.
  8. At the end, you’re sent the equivalent token units via sms.

How to pay Okoa stima

  1. Press *885# then call from your Safaricom line.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Choose 1 (prepaid).
  4. Select 2 (Okoa stima).
  5. Choose 2 (repay OKOA LOAN).
  6. Follow the rest of the prompts to send money from your mpesa to your okoa stima loan account.

kplc tokens customer care

KPLC tokens customer care

In case your token has delayed, use these Kenya power token contacts to get in touch with kplc tokens customer care team

Kenya power Twitter handle : @KenyaPower_Care

KPLC customer care Facebook Page: search for KenyaPowerLtd on Facebook.

KPLC Email address: [email protected]

SMS: 95551

Kenya power Telephone hotlines

In addition to the above kplc online customer care contacts, you can call them on 95551 or 0703070707/ 0732170170/ 0711 031 000  or even 020-3201680/+254203287000/ +254203287000


Buying KPLC tokens:  Frequently asked questions

How do I buy KPLC tokens with Equitel?

Equity bank customers can conveniently order KPLC tokens from Equity’s EazzyPay app or even straight from their Equitel SIM kit.

Refer to the steps I highlighted earlier.


How do I buy power tokens?

You can use KPLC USSD code *885# , vendIT, Airtel money, Pesapal, Equitel, T-cash, Mwangaza app, Jaza pay, or even Dynamo tokens.

But most people use KPLC PAYBILL 888880 or Pata pawa vendors.

Please read the steps above.


How can I buy tokens online?

If you want to buy online, use Pesapal or any of the Kenya Power linked apps.

How can I buy tokens in Airtel money?

Open Airtel money>>make payments>>paybill>>KPLC>>amount>>PIN>>reference no. (Meter no).

Does KPLC token expire?

Prepaid tokens are set to expire 3 months from the date of purchase.

You should, therefore, endeavor to use your tokens within three months of purchasing.

Your screen usually displays the error message if you enter an expired token..



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