Who are the Softcare diapers manufacturers in Kenya?

So, who are the Softcare diapers manufacturers in Kenya?

Well, Softcare has emerged as one of the best diapers and some Kenyans, especially businessmen, have sought to know who the manufacturer is.

If you’re among them, you’ll get the answer below..


Who is the Softcare diapers manufacturers in Kenya?

Now, the popular Softcare diapers brand is produced locally by Sunda Kenya industrial diaper factory, a Chinese-owned manufacturing facility located in Mavoko, Machakos County.

For starters, Mavoko is about 30 kilometres from Nairobi.

The factory is huge and sits on approximately 35 acres of land and is installed with some of the most advanced diapers manufacturing equipment.

In fact, the whole investment is valued at 4 billion Kenya shillings (or 39 million US dollars)!

More importantly, it has an estimated annual production capacity of between 350 – 450 million pieces of diapers.


When did the Softcare diapers manufacturers in Kenya start operating?

The factory is relatively new and opened its doors in August 2019.

Prior to this, the company used to import the diapers from various China based factories and wholly relied on the Chinese plants to meet the ever-growing demand for Softcare diapers.

The local demand for diapers is projected to be around 800 million (per annum) pieces and the factory should go a long way in meeting this demand moving forward.

One of the greatest benefits of having the factory in Kenya is the creation of employment- the factory employs an estimated 300 people- and the preservation of foreign exchange.

The move has also helped Softcare diaper prices to fall further, making it one of the most affordable diapers in Kenya.

Moreover, the firm has adopted a 100% localization policy and has been training Kenyan personnel on the various diaper production processes, hoping to have Kenyans run the manufacturing lines without supervision in the future.


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