SGR contacts : Customer care numbers, SGR booking telephone etc

Here is a summary of all SGR contacts including SGR booking contacts and SGR booking online customer care numbers.


Official SGR contacts

SGR train booking helpline number: 0709 388 888

SGR Madaraka Express Passenger Train inquiries, complaints, lost, and found telephone number: 0709 388 887

SGR Facebook page:

SGR alternative numbers : 0728603581, 0728603582, 0708572574, 0708571587

SGR official website:

SGR official email: Write to [email protected]

Postal address: P.O Box 30121, Nairobi 00100,  (Kenya Railways  Head office)

SGR customer care contacts

If you’re enquiring about any issue regarding the Madaraka express service including SGR booking via MPESA, just call the office using telephone number 0709 388 888 or 0709 388 887.

You will be given all information and instructions including how to cancel SGR ticket.

SGR contacts Mombasa

If you’re at the coast, you can reach the SGR customer care desk using the two main SGR telephone numbers 0709 388 888 or 0709 388 887.


Alternative SGR booking contacts Nairobi

You can as well call SGR team using these telephone numbers:

0728603581, 0708572574, 0728603582, and 0708571587

Other important SGR information:

Away from the SGR contacts, you may be looking for details such as SGR paybill number, SGR USSD code, etc.

If so, here is a summary of all the above.


SGR paybill number

Use Paybill number 809888 to pay for your SGR Ticket.



Dial *639# using your Safaricom line.


SGR stopovers

While the express train won’t stop at any destimation, the inter-country SGR will drop and pick passengers at the following stopovers:

Athi River, Kibwezi, Emali, Mtito Andei, Miasenyi, Voi, and Mariakani. 


SGR fares – Madaraka Express passenger

Economy class (one-way) : Sh1,000  (children between 3 – 11 years pay shs. 500 while those below 3 years are free)

First class (one-way ) : Sh3,000. (children between 3 – 11 years pay shs. 1500 while those below 3 years are free)

SGR fares to stop over destinations

Miasenyi to Nairobi : Sh810

Nairobi to Miasenyi : Sh900

Mariakani to Nairobi (or Nairobi to mariakani ):  Sh940

Voi to Nairobi : Sh700 (same for  Nairobi to Voi)

Mtito-Andei to Nairobi : Sh490 (same for  Nairobi to Mtito-Andei)

Kibwezi to Nairobi : Sh400 (same for  Nairobi to Kibwezi)

Emali to Nairobi : Sh260 (same for  Nairobi to Emali)

Athi River to Nairobi : Sh60 (same for  Nairobi to Athi river)



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