Roles of Kenya Association of Travel Agents and Contacts

We have already looked at the travel agents in Kenya so this is a good moment to turn our attention  to the roles of Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA)

Of course, we mentioned that it’s important that you work only with a travel agent approved by the Kenya Association of Travel Agents.

Such travel agents observe high standards of integrity and professionalism so you’re guaranteed exemplary services and a great time during your travel.

But what exactly are the main roles of Kenya Association of Travel Agents besides accrediting travel agents in Kenya?

Here they are:


Roles of Kenya Association of Travel Agents

Well, KATA mainly looks at the interests of local tourism organizations in Kenya and other parties who participate in the travel and tourism industry.

For this reason, their main role is to ensure the betterment of the operating climate of players in Kenya’s travel industry.

Subsequently, they carry out various functions that help the growth of both domestic and foreign travel in Kenya.

These include:

  • Promoting the services offered by travel agencies in Nairobi (and elsewhere in Kenya) to the public.
  • Guarding the rights of investors in the travel agency business in Kenya, for instance, by negotiating with the government through relevant state departments.
  • Helping travel business realize maximum profitability through appropriate advise and optimization of services.
  • Representing the interests of travel agents in related organizations such as:
  • KTF (Kenya Tourism Federation)
  • The BAR (Board of Airline Representatives)
  • KATO (Kenya Association of Tour Operators)
  • KAHC (Kenya Hotelkeepers and Caterer’s Association)
  • KEPSA (Kenya Private Sector Alliance)


In addition, KATA works with UFTAA (Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Association), the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation Board (CAB), Kenya Tourist Board (KTB), Ministry of Transport, and the Kenya Utalii College (KUC).

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Other Roles of Kenya Association of Travel Agents

KATA also plays the following roles:

  • Develop professional standards and code of ethics to help regulate the travel agency industry.
  • Help dispute resolution by providing arbitration services where required
  • Help members manage industry specific risks including financial risk.
  • Help members to access helpful innovations and technologies.
  • Help members access business resources, new opportunities, and beneficial information.

Kenya Association of Travel Agents History

KATA was registered back in 1979 and operates under Section 10 of Kenya’s Societies Act.

It was intended to replace the old East African Society of Travel Agents, which collapsed with the disbandment of the East African Community.

How is KATA Managed?
KATA has a full-time secretariat in place. The management team is led by a CEO supported by an executive committee which mainly comprises of experienced members from across the travel industry.

The work of the executive committee is to oversee the day-to-day management of the association’s affairs and proper implementation of KATA’s vision.

The committee meets mostly monthly though they sometimes meet on per need basis to tackle issues affecting members.


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Kenya Association of Travel Agents Contacts and offices

KATA’s Secretariat is in Nairobi, along Muthangari Drive. It however draws its over 170 members from all over Kenya.

If you have any query, contact KATA using the following channels:

Physica location : 10th Floor,  The Address , Muthangari Drive (Off Waiyaki Way)

Postal address: P.O Box 10290 Nairobi – 00100, Kenya

Telephone: +254 (0)792 000 835


Email: [email protected]

Facebook page: click here


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