Okoa Stima: Here is how to Okoa Stima on credit

In yet another first, Safaricom has partnered with Kenya Power to launch a convenient electricity tokens advance facility christened Okoa Stima.

Through the service, you can borrow a set amount of tokens depending on your automatically-determined credit limit when you exhaust your tokens and pay later.

This article will answer all your questions regarding OkoaStima and also take you through the steps of borrowing tokens via the service.

Let’s dive right in.

What is OkoaStima?

As hinted above, OkoaStima is simply a service that allows you to buy KPLC tokens on credit.

It’s currently available to both Pre-Pay and Post-Pay Safaricom customers and offers other services including…

  • Okoa-Stima account registration.
  • Payment of postpaid power bills
  • Querying of your KPLC monthly bill
  • Purchase of prepaid tokens on cash

It’s in short a one-stop for all your tokens and power needs.

Okoa Stima Terms and Conditions

Overall, Okoastima is a form of a loan so it has its own conditions.

First, the amount of tokens you can be allocated on credit largely depends on your historical tokens purchase and postpaid payment of KPLC bills.

For this reason, you’re likely to secure more OkoaStima tokens if you have always paid your pending bills on time and habitually purchase tokens in bulk.

Having said that, the okoa_stima loan limit is typically between kshs.100-1000.

Then, the token okoa stima loan is charged a flat processing fee of 10% calculated as part of the loan.

For instance, if you requested for a shs.1000 worth of tokens, you’ll receive tokens worth shs.900 with the shs.100 taken by Safaricom as facility fee.


Finally, it’s an emergency facility so you’re expected to repay your Okoa_Stima advance within 7 days. Failure will result in your being excluded from the service henceforth.

You’ll subsequently be receiving the Okoa Stima currently unavailable error message each time you attempt to borrow tokens.

The good news is that you can repay the loan ahead of the due date then borrow again.

How to register for OkoaStima

Follow these steps to opt into OkoaStima…

  1. Dial *885# on your phone.
  2. Click to accept the stipulated OkoaStima terms/conditions.
  3. Type your National ID card number.
  4. Next, set a PIN (4 digits) then type it again to confirm
  5. You will soon receive a confirmation text from OkoaStima.
  6. Click continue
  7. Type your recently created PIN
  8. Choose register meter/account.
  9. Tap on register new
  10. Select Prepaid/Postpaid depending on your meter.
  11. Type your meter number or the relevant account number then select submit.

Note that you can only register a maximum of 3 meters (or KPLC postpaid accounts) on the OkoaStima app. This means that you can only use all tokens you buy/borrow only on these 3 meters.

Besides, only KPLC registered meters are accepted by the system.

How to Kopa Stima from Okoa Stima-Prepaid Meters

To borrow prepaid tokens..

  1. Dial *885# on your phone.
  2. You’re prompted to enter your secret PIN. Do so then tap on send.
  3. Now select pre-paid
  4. Choose OkoaStima
  5. Click on emergency top up
  6. Select the relevant Meter to be credited with tokens.
  7. Choose an amount from the preset Okoa amounts (from Ksh.100 to 1000) then confirm

You will shortly receive an SMS  from OkoaStima confirming the transaction. The token is to enter into your meter is also sent.

How to request for post-pay OkoaStima

Follow these steps if you wish to settle your KPLC postpay bill using the service…

  1. Dial *885# then enter your PIN then send.
  2. Choose post paid
  3. Select the relevant postpaid account. The application automatically displays the pending amount.
  4. Click OkoaStima then complete the remaining steps

Note that the maximum you can Okoa for post-paid meters is kshs. 2,500.

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How to Repay OkoaStima loan

Let’s now turn our attention to the repayment steps for your outstanding loan..

  1. Dial *885# then type your PIN then send.
  2. Click pre-paid
  3. Select Okoa-Stima
  4. Choose repay okoa-stima
  5. Select full or partial payment then proceed to enter the amount and the MPESA PIN.
  6. You will again receive a notification SMS with the balance if you have made a partial payment.
    For full payment, you are sent a notification confirming that the due amount will be subtracted from your M-PESA.

Your M-PESA balance will instantly be reduced with the specified amount and that’s it.

Okoa Stima App

Sadly, Pewa (or OkoaStima app) is no longer available on Playstore. However, in its place, you can borrow tokens from the Dynamo Digital Pawa app.

You need to download it from Google Play store as follows:

  • Either click this download link OR
  • Open Google PlayStore on your phone then type Pawa to search for the app.

From there, click install to begin the Pawa okoa stima loan app download

You will go to the Kopa token menu and type your desired amount.

If you qualify, the app vets and approval your Okoastima loan request instantly so you should receive your tokens shortly.

The only drawback of using the app is that not all users qualify for the token advance facility. Indeed, for the most part, you must make several purchases token from the app to be considered.

Okoa Stima Customer care and other contacts

Safaricom Okoa Stima Number: 0720 526146 /0700106002 /0712863203

Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/Okoa-Stima-843979549023367/

KPLC customer care: You can as well call KPLC customer care regular hotline numbers 95551/ 0703070707 /0732170170 with your OkoaStima complaints.


Okoa_Stima: Frequently asked questions

How do you get OKOA stima?

Simply dial *885# >> enter your secret PIN>> select pre-paid>>Choose OkoaStima>> emergency top up>> Select the relevant Meter >> Choose the amount>>Confirm.


How does OKOA stima work?

OkoaStima is an MPESA based tokens/postpaid bills credit service that allows you to access emergency tokens top up at 10% facility fee.

The service is a collaboration between Safaricom and Kenya Power and the loan is to be paid within 7 days of borrowing.

How do I get KPLC tokens?

To get tokens, dial *885# then follow the steps. The advanced tokens are sent to your phone in the form of an SMS.

How do I check my KPLC loan balance?

Again dial *885# >> enter your secret PIN>>Send>> select loan status (3)>>Check loan status(1)



Okoa-Stima is a convenient way to borrow tokens (or cash to pay your postpaid bill) depending on your assigned credit limit.

The loan costs a flat fee of just 10% and is repayable within 7 days.

All you need is register by dialing *885# to take advantage of this wonderful service.



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