Nissan Juke Price In Kenya and Nissan Juke Reviews Kenya

So, what is the current Nissan juke price in Kenya?

Well, on average, be prepared to pay between shs. 800000 to shs.1.5 million depending on where you’re buying this relatively small crossover car.

Of course, the above price can drop further if you’re purchasing from a local user- some buy these cars but are quick to dispose of them within a few months.

For these locally used models, you can bargain and pay between shs700000- shs.780000 depending on the duration the current owner has been having the car and financial emergency.

On the other hand, a new Nissan Juke price in Kenya comes to about shs.1.5 Million. Needless to say, the price of Nissan Juke latest model might go slightly higher than this.

Alright? That’s the Nissan Juke price in Kenya at the moment.

We will now comprehensively review the somewhat divisive Juke car to help you make a decision…


Nissan Juke reviews in Kenya

Let me start with a confession..

I actually decided to write this article after repeatedly encountering negative criticism of the supposedly expensive Nissan Juke price in Kenya..

Well, it seems that we are sometimes fond of branding a car costly even before carefully weighing its features and what it’s bringing to the table..

That’s because, after thoroughly studying the Nissan Juke, I believe it’s unfair to brand it expensive by Kenyan standards..

Read on to understand why..


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The Overview (Nissan Juke)

The Nissan Juke is one of the very first subcompact crossover SUVs to be produced Nissan and has been in the market since 2010.

It’s estimated that the car first landed in Kenya between 2013-2015.

Having said that, a lot of enthusiasts were first apprehensive and dismissed the car as another non-starter from Nissan.

However, and against all odds, the car has slowly won over the initial critics and is today one of the bestselling Nissan cars- it has been in the past a regular feature in the top 10 charts.

Nissan has been continuously upgrading it and the many facelifts over the years seem to be finally paying off.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritties now..


Interiors and the boot

Many of the older Juke reviews heavily criticized Nissan for the tiny boot and it was indeed super-tiny.

The company however acted and gave the cat a massive makeover in 2014…

Subsequently, the post-2014 Juke has a markedly improved boot besides the extra storage beneath the car’s floor (front wheel drive types only)..

Admittedly, the rear cargo section is still small and there’s no way it will carry that mammoth potato sacks from Nyandarua but it’s not as minute like in the older versions.

Moving on, I feel that the Nissan Juke doesn’t have lots of leg space at the back so again this could be a concern especially if you often have the company of tall people.

Overall, it’s not the most practical car nor is it extremely comfortable.


Looks and general aesthetics

The space deficiency is very well compensated for by, first, the extremely striking design and secondly, by the introduction of a couple of safety-related technological accessories.

And yes, even if you call it a small ugly sister of Nissan Dualis, an uglier imitation of Porsche cayenne, or even some insects/amphibians, there’s no denying that Nissan Juke looks super-sexy..

I particularly find the red Juke irresistible…And, ooh, the other day I come across a pure white Juke and boy, it looks so cute..

Add the extra visibility that Juke’s high-set shape delivers and you realize why this is considered to be among the most appealing in the market, in spite of some glaring compromises.


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Fuel consumption

The Nissan Juke is an average-rated car as far as fuel economy is concerned.

Specifically, those packing the aforementioned MR16DDT engine manage 10.55/12.66 km/litre (10.55/13.5 km/l manual transmission) which is bang average if you look at similar crossovers.

This is, in fact, better than the Nissan Dualis at 11.1km/L.


Power and oomph on the drive

I cannot say it’s the worst in terms of engine strength – most Nissan Juke cc start at 1500 going up and come with a 1.6L MR16DDT engine.

When it comes to acceleration, a Juke can hit a top speed of 219.2 km/h under perfect conditions, enough to impress a wannabe speedster like yours truly.

The Juke has good clearance (you won’t struggle even when negotiating some of those huge bumps on some Kenyan roads)..

Importantly, if you’re a village person, that will be a huge plus over the Vitz, Passo, and Suzuki Alto’s of this Kenya.

Of course, you cannot compare it to a full SUV like a Prado in terms of stability but it’s again not the most terrible car to drive.


Maintenance and repairs

Spare parts are increasingly becoming more available as more and more Kenyans especially our beautiful ladies take to this pretty car.

Gikomba and Muthurwa are the two best bets when searching for Nissan spare parts.


Potential Resale Nissan Juke price in Kenya

This is hard to tell because the eventual resale price of any car depends on a plethora of factors including how well you take care of it and the market prices.

Nevertheless, currently, the Nissan resale price tends to be a bit poor because Kenyans are generally Toyota people.

But you can still fetch a respectable figure if you maintain it in pristine condition.

The current Nissan juke price in Kenya at the very least is shs.700000 so that should give you a good pointer considering that these are cars pre-owned locally for around 2 years.


Where to buy The Nissan Juke

You can import directly from importers such as SBT Japan (Google for SBT Japan Nissan juke to go to the website) or Autoassista Kenya.

Second hand models are advertised online in websites such as Olx (Jiji) – again type Nissan juke for sale in Kenya Olx or Olx Nissan Juke on Google to view the current choices.

If you’re after a better price, search for a Nissan juke for sale in Mombasa….the Motor Bazaars here are generally much cheaper.


Nissan Juke Price in Kenya and Nissan Juke reviews: Frequently asked questions

Here now are some questions that I regularly come across regarding the Nissan Juke price in Kenya as well as when reading other online Kenya Nissan Juke reviews .

How much is the Juke Nissan?

I already answered this: Between shs.700k to 1.5 Million depending on where you’re buying.

And how much is a Nissan Juke 2014? Well, the 2014 is pretty much in the shs.1 Million price range.


Are there any problems with the Nissan Juke?

Okay, not major issues but Turbo-charged Jukes have been noted to become increasingly problematic with age.

This is thought to be due to clogging in the oil feed tube connecting to the turbo.


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Is Nissan Juke a reliable car?

Going to the fact that a Nissan Juke doesn’t have fatal faults right from the factory, the car is by and large reliable while safety is fabulous thanks to the excellent technology.

The commanding driving position is also a plus.

So, is Nissan Juke a good car?

On the whole, it depends on your needs but for a person looking for a reliable ‘mini-SUV’ for daily commutes, it’s a good candidate.

But you have to remember to service it and to maintain it in top condition to enjoy this dependability.


How economical is a Nissan Juke?

As I mentioned, it’s not a fuel guzzler and is average-rated. Other than that, the price of a locally used Nissan juke second hand is largely reasonable so it’s a fairly economical car.


Does Nissan make juke anymore?

Nissan is no longer releasing the JUKE and in its place, the Japanese carmaker has introduced the Nissan Kicks, a crossover which packs pretty much everything the Juke had.

Nissan juke photos

Nissan Juke Reviews Kenya

Nissan Juke Price In Kenya
Wrapping it up

To recap, the Nissan Juke price in Kenya is between shs. 800000 to shs.1.5 million depending on the vendor.

The price can fall slightly below if buying a locally used unit.

You can buy a Nissan Juke from online sites like Cheki, Jiji (Olx), as well as some motor bazaars in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Wherever you buy, don’t forget to carry out your due diligence when buying.



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