Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 : Dates, Qualifications, and centers

The Ministry of Interior (under which Kenya Prisons service fall) has finally announced the long awaited Kenya prisons recruitment 2019.

Here are Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 dates, Qualifications, and Recruitment centers in all counties.

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Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 dates

The Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 for Prions constables – both male and females- will take place on Wednesday, 9th  October 2019.

Interested applicants should be at the various Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 centers by 8.00am. Note that the session will start at 2.00pm in some centers.

Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 – all the centers

We well start with the Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 centers. The requirements are at the tail end of this article so rush there if you just want to check if you’re qualified.


Mombasa county -001

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Likoni Likoni DCs office 8.00am
Mombasa Mombasa DCs office 2.00pm
Nyali Kongowea DCs office 8.00am
Kisauni Kisauni DCs office 2.00pm
Changamwe Changamwe DCs office 8.00am
Jomvu Mikindani DCs office 2.00pm


Kwale county -002

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Matuga Kwale DCs office 8.00am
Kinango Kinango DCs office 2.00pm
LungaLunga Lunga Lunga primary school 8.00am
Msambweni Msambweni DCs office 2.00pm

Kilifi county -003

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Ganze sub county Ganze DCs office 8.00am
Rabai sub county Rabai DCs office 2.00pm
Malindi sub county Malindi DCs office 8.00am
Kaloleni sub county Kaloleni DCs office 8.00am
Magarini sub county Marafa DCs office 2.00pm
Kilifi north sub county Bahari stadium 8.00am
Kilifi south sub county Kikambala DCs office 2.00pm

Tana River county -004

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Tana River sub county Hola DCs office 8.00am
Tana delta sub county Garsen DCs office 8.00am
Tana North sub county Bura DCs office 8.00am

Lamu county -005

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Lamu East sub county Faza DCs office 8.00am
Lamu West sub county Amu DCs office 2.00pm

Taita Taveta county -006

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Voi sub county Voi DCs office 8.00am
Taita sub county Wundanyi DCs office 2.00pm
Taveta sub county Taveta DCs office 8.00am
Mwatate sub county Mwatate DCs office 2.00pm

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Garissa county -007

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Garissa sub county Garissa DCs office 8.00am
Lagdera sub county Modogashi DCs office 8.00am
Fafi sub county Bura DCs office 8.00am
Dadaab sub county Dadaab DCs office 8.00am
Ijara sub county Masalani DCs office 8.00am
Hulugho sub county Hulugho DCs office 8.00am
Balambala sub county Balambala DCs office 8.00am

Wajir county -008

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Wajir East sub county Wajir DCs office 8.00am
Wajir North sub county Bute DCs office 8.00am
Wajir South sub county Leheley DCs office 8.00am
Wajir West sub county Griftu DCs office 8.00am
Eldas sub county Eldas DCs office 8.00am
Buna sub county Buna DCs office 8.00am
Tarbaj sub county Tarbaj DCs office 8.00am
Habaswein sub county Habaswein DCs office 8.00am

Mandera county -009

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Mandera East sub county Mandera DCs office 8.00am
Lafey sub county Lafey DCs office 8.00am
Mandera West sub county Takaba DCs office 8.00am
Mandera  Central sub county El-wak DCs office 8.00am
Mandera  North sub county Rhamu DCs office 8.00am
Banisa sub county Banisa DCs office 8.00am
Kotulo sub county Kotulo DCs office 8.00am

Marsabit county -010

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Marsabit central sub county Marsabit DCs office 8.00am
Marsabit south /Laisamis sub county Laisamis DCs office 8.00am
Sololo sub county Sololo DCs office 8.00am
North Horr sub county North Horr DCs office 8.00am
Loyangalani sub county Loyangalani DCs office 8.00am
Moyale sub county Moyale DCs office 8.00am
Marsabit North / Chalbi sub county Maikona DCs office 8.00am

Isiolo county -011

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Garbatulla sub county Garbatulla DCs office 8.00am
Isiolo sub county Isiolo DCs office 2.00pm
Merti sub county Merti DCs office 8.00am

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Meru county -012

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Imenti North sub county Meru Town DCs office 8.00am
Buuri sub county Timau DCs office 2.00pm
Meru central sub county Gatimbi DCs office 8.00am
Imenti south sub county Nkubu DCs office 2.00pm
Igembe North sub county Laare DCs office 8.00am
Igembe Central sub county Kangeta DCs office 2.00pm
Igembe South sub county Maua DCs office 8.00am
Tigania east sub county Muriri DCs office 8.00am
Tigania central sub county Mikunduri stadium 2.00pm
Tigania West sub county Urru DCs office 2.00pm

Tharaka Nithi county -013

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Maara sub county Chogoria DCs office 8.00am
Meru south sub county Chika DCs office 2.00pm
Tharaka North sub county Gatunga DCs office 8.00am
Tharaka South sub county Marimanti DCs office 2.00pm

Embu county -014

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Embu west sub county Embu DCs office 2.00pm
Embu East sub county Runyenjes DCs office 8.00am
Embu North sub county Manyatta DCs office 2.00pm
Mbeere North sub county Siakago DCs office 8.00am
Mbeere south sub county Kiritiri DCs office 2.00pm

Kitui county -015

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Kitui Central sub county Kitui DCs office 8.00am
Kisasi sub county Kisasi DCs office 2.00pm
Mutitu sub county Mutitu DCs office 8.00am
Nzambani sub county Chuluni DCs office 2.00pm
Kitui West sub county Kabati DCs office 8.00am
Matinyani sub county Matinyani DCs office 2.00pm
Mutomo sub county Mutomo DCs office 8.00am
Ikutha sub county Ikutha DCs office 2.00pm
Migwani / Mwingi west sub county Migwani DCs office 8.00am
Mwingi east sub county Mathuki DCs office 2.00pm
Mwingi central sub county Mwingi DCs office 8.00am
Mumoni sub county Kyuso DCs office 2.00pm
Tseikuru sub county Katse DCs office 8.00am
Kyuso sub county Kyuso DCs office 2.00pm
Lower Yatta sub county Kyusyanyi DCs office 8.00am
Katulani sub county Katulani DCs office 2.00pm

Machakos county -016

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Machakos sub county Machakos DCs office 8.00am
Athi River sub county Athi River DCs office 2.00pm
Kangundo sub county Kangundo DCs office 8.00am
Matungulu sub county Matungulu DCs office 2.00pm
Kathiani sub county Kathiani DCs office 8.00am
Mwala sub county Makutano DCs office 2.00pm
Masinga sub county Masinga DCs office 8.00am
Yatta sub county Kithimani DCs office 2.00pm

Makueni county -017

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Kibwezi sub county Kibwezi DCs office 8.00am
Makindu sub county Makindu DCs office 2.00pm
Mbooni east sub county Mumbuni DCs office 8.00am
Mbooni west sub county Kikima DCs office 2.00pm
Kilungu sub county Nunguni DCs office 8.00am
Mukaa sub county Yoani DCs office 2.00pm
Makueni sub county Wote DCs office 8.00am
Kathonzweni sub county Kathonzweni DCs office 2.00pm
Nzaui sub county Matiliku DCs office 2.00pm

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Nyandarua county -018

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Mirangine sub county Mirangine DCs office 8.00am
Nyandarua west sub county Ol Joro Orok DCs office 2.00pm
Nyandarua south sub county Engineer DCs office 8.00am
Kinangop sub county Njabini DCs office 2.00pm
Nyandarua central sub county Ol Kalou DCs office 8.00am
Kipipiri sub county Miharati DCs office 2.00pm
Nyandarua north sub county Ndaragua DCs office 8.00am

Nyeri county -019

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Kieni East sub county Chaka DCs office 8.00am
Nyeri central sub county Nyeri DCs office 2.00pm
Nyeri south sub county Othaya DCs office 8.00am
Mukurweini sub county Mukurweini DCs office 2.00pm
Mathira East sub county Karatina DCs office 8.00am
Mathira West sub county Kaiyaba DCs office 2.00pm
Tetu sub county Wamagana DCs office 8.00am
Kieni West sub county Mweiga DCs office 2.00pm

Kirinyaga county -020

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Kirinyaga west sub county Baricho DCs office 8.00am
Kirinyaga central sub county Kerugoya DCs office 2.00pm
Kirinyaga east sub county Kianyaga DCs office 8.00am
Mwea west sub county Kadongu DCs office 2.00pm
Mwea East sub county Wanguru DCs office 8.00am

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Murang’a county -021

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Kahuro sub county Kahuro DCs office 8.00am
Kigumo sub county Kigumo DCs office 2.00pm
Murang’a east sub county Murang’a DCs office 8.00am
Kandara sub county Kandara DCs office 2.00pm
Kangema sub county Kangema DCs office 8.00am
Mathioya sub county Kiriaini DCs office 2.00pm
Gatanga sub county Gatanga DCs office 8.00am
Murang’a south sub county Kenol DCs office 2.00pm

Kiambu county -022

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Githunguri sub county Githunguri DCs office 8.00am
Ruiru sub county Ruiru DCs office 2.00pm
Juja sub county Juja DCs office 2.00pm
Limuru sub county Limuru DCs office 8.00am
Lari sub county Lari DCs office 2.00pm
Kiambaa sub county Karuri primary school 8.00am
Kiambu East sub county Kirigiti stadium 2.00pm
Kikuyu sub county Kikuyu DCs office 8.00am
Kabete sub county Wangige DCs office 2.00pm
Gatundu South sub county Gatundu DCs office 8.00am
Gatundu North sub county Kamwangi DCs office 2.00pm
Thika East sub county Kilimambogo DCs office 8.00am
Thika West sub county Thika DCs office 2.00pm

Turkana county -023

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Turkana central sub county Lodwar DCs office 8.00am
Turkana west sub county Kakuma DCs office 8.00am
Turkana south sub county Lokichar DCs office 8.00am
Turkana east sub county Lokori DCs office 8.00am
Turkana north sub county Lokitaung Dc office 8.00am
Loima sub county Lorogum DCs office 8.00am
Kibish sub county Kibish DCs office 8.00am

West Pokot county -024

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Pokot central sub county Sigor DCs office 8.00am
Pokot North sub county Kacheliba DCs office & Alale DC office 8.00am
Kipkomo sub county Chepararia primary school 8.00am
Pokot South sub county Kabichbich DCs office 2.00pm
West Pokot sub county Kapenguria DCs office 8.00am

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Samburu county -025

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Samburu central sub county Mararal DCs office 8.00am
Samburu East sub county Wamba DCs office 2.00pm
Samburu North sub county Baragoi DCs office 8.00am

Trans Zoia county -026

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Trans Zoia west sub county Kitale DCs office 2.00pm
Kiminini sub county Kiminini DCs office 2.00pm
Kwanza sub county Kwanza DCs office 8.00am
Endebess sub county Endebess DCs office 8.00am
Trans Zoia east sub county Kachibora DCs office 2.00pm

Uasin Gishu county -027

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Eldoret west /Turbo sub county Eldoret DCs office 8.00am
Soy sub county Ziwa DCs office 2.00pm
Eldoret east /Ainabkoi sub county Kapsoya DCs office 8.00am
Moiben sub county Moiben DCs office 2.00pm
Kesses sub county Kesses DCs office 8.00am
Eldoret south /Wareng (Kapsaret) sub county Outspan DCs office 2.00pm

Elgeyo Marakwet county -028

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Keiro North sub county Iten DCs office 8.00am
Keiyo South sub county Chepkorio DCs office 2.00pm
Marakwet West sub county Kapsowar DCs office 8.00am
Marakwet East sub county Chesoi DCs office 2.00pm

Nandi county -029

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Chesumei sub county Chemundu DCs office 8.00am
Nandi central sub county Kapsabet DCs office 2.00pm
Tinderet sub county Maraba DCs office 8.00am
Nandi East sub county Nandi Hills DCs office 2.00pm
Nandi south (Aldai) sub county Kobujoi DCs office 8.00am
Nandi north sub county Kabiyet DCs office 2.00pm

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Baringo county -030

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Marigat sub county Marigat DCs office 8.00am
Baringo central sub county Kabarnet DCs office 2.00pm
Pokot East sub county Chemolingot DCs office 8.00am
Baringo north sub county Kabartonjo DCs office 8.00am
Koibatek sub county Eldama Ravine DCs office 8.00am
Mogotio sub county Mogotio DCs office 2.00pm

Laikipia county -031

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Laikipia North sub county Doldol DCs office 8.00am
Laikipia West sub county Rumuruti DCs office 2.00pm
Laikipia Central sub county Lamuria DCs office 8.00am
Laikipia East sub county Nanyuki DCs office 2.00pm
Nyahururu sub county Nyahururu DCs office 2.00pm

Nakuru county -032

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Naivasha    sub county Naivasha DCs office 8.00am
Gilgil sub county Gilgil DCs office 2.00pm
Kuresoi south sub county Keringet DCs office 8.00am
Kuresoi North sub county Sirikwa DCs office 2.00pm
Molo sub county Molo DCs office 8.00am
Subukia sub county Subukia DCs office 8.00am
Nakuru North sub county Bahati DCs office 2.00pm
Njoro sub county Njoro DCs office 2.00pm
Nakuru East sub county Nakuru DCs office 8.00am
Nakuru west sub county Kapkures DCs office 2.00pm
Rongai sub county Kambi Ya Moto DCs office 8.00am

Narok county -033

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Narok North sub county Njoro DCs office 8.00am
Narok East sub county Nairegea Enkare DCs office 2.00pm
Narok south sub county Ololulung’a DCs office 8.00am
Narok west sub county Lemeki secondary sch. 2.00pm
Transmara west sub county Kilgoris DCs office 8.00am
Transmara east sub county Emurua Dikirr DCs office 2.00pm

Kajiado county -034

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Kajiado Central sub county Kajiado DCs office 8.00am
Isinya sub county Isinya DCs office 2.00pm
Mashuru sub county Mashuru DCs office 8.00am
Kajiado North sub county Ngong DCs office 8.00am
Kajiado west sub county Kisamis DCs office 8.00am
Loitoktok sub county Loitoktok DCs office 8.00am

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Kericho county -035

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Kericho east sub county Kericho DCs office 8.00am
Soin /Sigowet sub county Chepkemel DCs office 8.00am
Kipkelion sub county Kipkelion DCs office 8.00am
Belgut sub county Sosiot DCs office 8.00am
Bureti sub county Litein DCs office 2.00pm
Londiani sub county Londiani DCs office 2.00pm

Bomet county -036

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Bomet central sub county Bomet DCs office 8.00am
Bomet East sub county Longisa DCs office 2.00pm
Konoin sub county Mogogosiek DCs office 2.00pm
Chepalungu sub county Sigor DCs office 8.00am
Sotik sub county Sotik DCs office 2.00pm

Kakamega county -037

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Khwisero sub county Khwisero DCs office 8.00am
Kakamega south sub county Malinya DCs office 2.00pm
Kakamega central sub county Kakamega DCs office 8.00am
Kakamega east sub county Shinyalu DCs office 2.00pm
Butere sub county Butere DCs office 8.00am
Mumias west sub county Mumias DCs office 2.00pm
Mumias east sub county Shianda DCs office 8.00am
Kakamega north sub county Malava DCs office 8.00am
Lugari sub county Lumakanda DCs office 2.00pm
Matete sub county Matete DCs office 8.00am
Likuyani sub county Kongoni DCs office 2.00pm
Matungu sub county Matungu DCs office 2.00pm
Navakholo sub county Navakholo DCs office 8.00am

Vihiga county -038

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Emuhaya sub county Emuhaya DCs office 8.00am
Luanda sub county Luanda DCs office 2.00pm
Vihiga sub county Mbale DCs office 8.00am
Sabatia sub county Sabatia DCs office 8.00am
Hamisi sub county Hamisi DCs office 2.00pm

Bungoma county -039

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Bungoma south sub county Bungoma DCs office 8.00am
Bumula sub county Bumula DCs office 2.00pm
Kimilili sub county Kimilili DCs office 8.00am
Bungoma west sub county Sirisia DCs office 2.00pm
Bungoma north sub county Mukuyuni DCs office 8.00am
Bungoma central sub county Chwele DCs office 2.00pm
Cheptais sub county Cheptais DCs office 8.00am
Mt Elgon sub county Kapsokwony DCs office 2.00pm
Bungoma east sub county Webuye DCs office 2.00pm
Webuye west sub county Matisi DCs office 2.00pm

Vihiga county -040

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Busia sub county Busia DCs office 8.00am
Nambale sub county Nambale DCs office 2.00pm
Bunyala sub county Bundalangi DCs office 8.00am
Samia sub county Funyula DCs office 2.00pm
Teso North sub county Amagoro DCs office 8.00am
Teso South sub county Amakura DCs office 2.00pm
Butula sub county Butula DCs office 8.00am

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Siaya county -041

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Gem sub county Yala DCs office 8.00am
Siaya sub county Siaya DCs office 2.00pm
Bondo sub county Bondo DCs office 8.00am
Rarieda sub county Madiany DCs office 2.00pm
Ugenya sub county Ukwalla DCs office 8.00am
Ugunja sub county Ugunja DCs office 2.00pm

Kisumu county -042

Sub county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 center Time
Kisumu west sub county Ojolla DCs office 8.00am
Seme sub county Kombewa DCs office 2.00pm
Kisumu east sub county Kibos DCs office 8.00am
Kisumu central sub county Kisumu DCs office 2.00pm
Nyando sub county Awasi DCs office 8.00am
Nyakach sub county Pap Onditi DCs office 2.00pm
Muhoroni sub county Chemelil DCs office 2.00pm

Homa bay county -043

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Homa bay sub county Homa bay DCs office 8.00am
Rangwe sub county Rangwe DCs office 2.00pm
Ndhiwa sub county Ndhiwa DCs office 2.00pm
Suba sub county Magunga DCs office 8.00am
Mbita sub county Mbita DCs office 2.00pm
Rachuonyo south sub county Kosele DCs office 2.00pm
Rachuonyo east sub county Kadongo DCs office 8.00am
Rachuonyo north sub county Kendu bay DCs office 2.00pm

Migori county -044

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Rongo sub county Rongo DCs office 8.00am
Uriri sub county Uriri DCs office 2.00pm
Kuria West sub county Kehancha DCs office 8.00am
Kuria East sub county Kegonga DCs office 2.00pm
Suna East sub county Migori DCs office 8.00am
Suna West sub county Pinyoiye DCs office 2.00pm
Nyatike sub county Nyatike DCs office 8.00am
Awendo sub county Awendo DCs office 2.00pm

Kisii county -045

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Kisii central sub county Kisii DCs office 8.00am
Kitutu central sub county Nyanychwa DCs office 8.00am
Marani sub county Marani DCs office 2.00pm
Masaba south sub county Masaba DCs office 2.00pm
Nyamache sub county Nyamache DCs office 8.00am
Kenyenya sub county Kenyenya DCs office 2.00pm
Gucha sub county Ogembo DCs office 8.00am
Kisii south sub county Kerina DCs office 2.00pm
Gucha south sub county Nyamarambe DCs office 8.00am
Sameta sub county Itube DCs office 2.00pm

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Nyamira county -046

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Nyamira south sub county Nyamira DCs office 8.00am
Nyamira north sub county Ekerenyo DCs office 2.00pm
Borabu sub county Borabu DCs office 8.00am
Manga sub county Manga DCs office 2.00pm
Masaba north sub county Keroka DCs office 8.00am

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Nairobi county Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 – 047

Sub county Recruiting center Time
Langata sub county Nairobi west prison grounds 8.00am
Kibra sub county Kibra DCs office 2.00pm
Dagoretti sub county Dagoretti North:

Kawangware primary school

Dagoretti South:

Riruta DCs office

Westlands sub county Westlands DCs office 8.00am
Starehe sub county Kariakor DCs office 2.00pm
Mathare Mathari hospital grounds. 8.00am
Kasarani Roysambu:

Kasarani DCs office


Moi Sports Center Kasarani

Makadara Makadara DCs office 2.00pm
Embakasi Embakasi Central:

Mwangaza Primary school

Embakasi North:

Buruburu Primary school

Embakasi East:

Embakasi Primary school

Embakasi West:

Kifaru Primary school

Embakasi South:

Embakasi Girls secondary school

Kamukunji Kamukunji DCs office 8.00am
Njiru Njiru DCs office 2.00pm
NYS NYS Headquarters 8.00am

Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 : Requirements and Qualifications

To stand a chance of being hired as a Kenya Prison constable, you must fulfill the following qualifications during the Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 :

  • Be a Kenyan Citizen.
  • Aged between 18-28 years.
  • Have a minimum KCSE mean grade of D+ or its equivalent.
  • Be at least 5 ft 4” tall and 5 ft 2” tall for men and women respectively (Female applicants must not be pregnant).
  • Be fit physically and medically.
  • Have good vision and hearing capability.
  • Have no previous criminal record.


Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 : Documents to carry to the recruitment center

You have to present all the originals of the following documents:

  • Your ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • KRA PIN certificate
  • All your academic certificates
  • All supporting testimonials.


What will happen after the Kenya prisons recruitment 2019

Lucky candidates will be admitted (you’ll be issued with a calling letter) to the Kenya Prisons Training College Ruiru for the government-sponsored para-military training for at least 9 months.

You will then be deployed to the various correctional facilities and other centers for duty on the appointed date.

Note that the results are announced immediately after the Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 exercise so you’ll have known whether you’ve succeeded or not by the time you go back home.


Kenya prisons contacts

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Kenya prions service if you have any further questions regarding the forthcoming Kenya prisons recruitment 2019.

Here are their contacts..

Physical location: Kenya Prison Headquarters, Upperhill, Bishop Road, Next to the NSSF Building.

Telephone number: 020 2722902

Postal address: P. O. Box 30175, Nairobi-00100.

Kenya Prisons Service Website :

Email address: [email protected]


Remember that the service warns you against paying a bribe during the Kenya prisons recruitment 2019 as this may lead to your prosecution.

Plus, you’ll lose your hard-earned money.

Good luck!


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