Hardware wholesalers in Kenya -Where to buy supplies cheapest

This article introduces you to the best hardware wholesalers in Kenya.

Of course, if you’re starting a hardware business in Kenya, you want to offer the best possible prices as this can quickly win over customers.

Luckily for you, we have done the heavy lifting and came up with a list of the best hardware wholesalers in Kenya.

Here they are:


Cheapest Hardware Wholesalers in Kenya

Glory hardware Gikomba

Glory Hardware & Electrical Ltd offers excellent service and the best prices.

You can buy cement including simba cement, iron sheets, and tuff steel among others.

Glory Hardware Contacts

Location: Kombo Munyiri Road, Gikomba, Nairobi

Telephone:  0724 560560


Saigul hardware

Saigul also ranks among the best hardware wholesalers in Kenya.

You will get most of the essentials for your hardware store under one roof.

Saigul hardware and tools contacts

Location: AJS House, Keekorok Road, Nairobi

Telephone:  0700280 646 /0786 583 147/0723 507 226

ASL Limited

Kombo Munyiri Road is certainly home to the best hardware wholesales in Kenya but you can also get great prices in a few other places.

One of these locations is ASL ltd, one of the top hardwares in industrial area, Nairobi

ASL Limited contacts

Location: Lusaka Road, Industrial area, Nairobi

Telephone:  0722 874460


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Juma hardware stores limited

Juma hardware also has a variety of fast moving hardware goods at very affordable prices.

The only issue is the heavy downtown traffic and insane mud during the rainy season.

Juma hardware Contacts

Location: Kombo Munyiri Road, Gikomba, Nairobi

Telephone:  020 2010404

Ramco Hardware

This is also a nice place to buy your hardware materials at rock bottom prices.

We also recommend it.

Ramco Hardware Contacts

Location: Sheikh Karume Road, Nairobi

Telephone:  020 2223792


Nafuu Hardware

This is another well-stocked wholesaler and offers one of the best prices in Nairobi.

Plus, they have a spacious parking space not to mention awesome customer service.

Nafuu Hardware contacts

Location: Kombo Munyiri Road, Nairobi

Telephone:  0733 835549

Mt. Kenya hardware

One of my favorites, Mt Kenya hardware will supply you with assorted hardware merchandise and power tools at prices you’ll struggle to get in other towns in Kenya.

Mt. Kenya Hardware contacts

Location: New Pumwani road (Gikomba), Nairobi

Telephone:  0728 214051

Swami Hardware Ltd

You can also check out Swami Hardware, another bargain seller situated along the famous Kombo Munyiri road, Gikomba.

Swami Hardware contacts

Location: Kombo Munyiri Rd (Gikomba), Swami Hardware Bldg, Nairobi

Telephone:  020-6762861

Laxcon Hardware & Spares Ltd

Here you will enjoy excellent customer care and very friendly prices.

Laxcon Hardware contacts

Location: Kombo Munyiri Rd (Gikomba), Swami Hardware Bldg, Nairobi

Telephone:  020-6762861

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Kens Metal Industries Limited

If you’re not happy with the steel prices you get elsewhere, contact Kens Metal Ltd, one of the leading steel suppliers in Kenya.

Kens Metal contacts

Location:  Industrial Area, Off Enterprise Road, Nairobi

Telephone:  0733 914172

Global Hardware Ltd Nairobi

Global hardware also offers reasonable prices on some items.

Global Hardware contacts

Location East Gate Road (Off Mombasa Road), Nairobi

Telephone:  0786 456225

Website: https://globalhardware.co.ke/home/

Nasib Hardware

For paints, check out Nasib hardware.

Nasib Hardware contacts

Location:  Kombo Munyiri Road-Gikomba, Nairobi

Telephone:  0724 256919


Common hardware items to stock

Here are the typical hotcakes in a hardware store:

  • Iron sheets
  • Undercoat paints
  • Hand tools, for example, screw drivers, brushes etc
  • Sink
  • Nails
  • Hack saw
  • Sand paper
  • Vanish
  • Cement
  • Pipes
  • Chair lockers
  • Steel
  • Welding rods
  • Fasteners
  • Washers
  • Fitting e.g. taps
  • Padlocks
  • Tiles
  • Hinges
  • Chains
  • Nuts

If you’re new, these are the items to prioritize when visiting the above hardware wholesalers in Kenya.

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Final thoughts

These hardware wholesalers don’t offer same prices on all products so compare first.

In fact, in most cases, you’ll be buying from different shops as item A will be cheapest here and B in another hardware.

Something else: Consider diversifying with time by introducing auxiliary products such as electrical wiring materials and bulbs to your stock.

It may help you expand your profitability.


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