Hardware store items list [what to stock in your hardware business]

Now if you’re considering investing in a hardware, it’s important that you have the correct hardware store items list.

Without it, you might end up with dead stock which means losses.

So, what should you include in a hardware store items list when approaching your hardware wholesaler?

Read on to get the answers.

Typical Hardware store items list

Here is what moves fast in a modern-day hardware.

  • Nails including steel nails
  • Window and door hinges
  • White cement
  • Roofing nails
  • Welding rods
  • Steel bars plus rods
  • Floor tiles
  • Plumbing items and materials including piping fittings and taps.

Of course, a hardware business is absolutely capital intensive and you’ll want to first invest in products that moves quickly.

The idea is to break even and enter profitability as soon as possible.

After this, you can gradually introduce variety depending on what your customers are demanding.

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What else can you include in the above hardware store items list?

Now, there are hundreds of products you can stock in your hardware but like in other businesses dealing with physical products, the risk of stale stock is quite high.

And so instead of stocking items for the sake of it, take time and study your market.

You then try to identify the product with significant enquiries during this period.

These are the products you should source and bring to the shop.

In general, fundis might over time start asking for the following products:

  • Paints and brushes – paints, mix color paints and the cheaper water-based paints..
  • Cupboard and cabinet locks.
  • Pull handle, mortice handle.
  • Iron sheets.
  • Glass
  • Padlocks
  • Handles including mortice handle.
  • Drawer channel
  • Door knobs
  • MDFs
  • Plywood
  • Basic fundi tools such as screwdrivers and sad papers
  • Nuts, screws, tilt-up fasteners, and washers.

Still, if your budget permits, introduce bathroom and kitchen fittings such as sinks.

Also with good demand are items like:

  • Gypsum boards
  • PVC ceilings
  • Chip boards
  • Flush doors
  • GI sheets

Needless to say, buyers prefer hardware stores where they can get everything they need for their projects under one roof.

You should thus try to add as many of these items as possible, when and as you raise more capital.


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