Equitel Customer Care Contacts

To get in touch with Equitel, use the following Equitel customer care contacts:

Telephone: +254 763 000 100

Email: [email protected]

Equitel customer care Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/KeEquityBank/

Equitel customer care Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/keequitybank

What to know about the above Equitel Customer Care Contacts


The aforementioned Equitel Customer Care Contacts work 24/7. However, they are not toll free so you will need to make sure you have loaded sufficient airtime in your phone.


Alternative Equitel Customer Care Contacts

If you are experiencing challenges from your Equitel line, you can first try to call the customer care via 100 (Simply dial 110 from your phone) to get assistance.

This number is, however, toll-free unlike the +254 763 000 100.

If you bank with Equity but use other networks including Safaricom, Telkom, and Airtel, you don’t have access to Equitel’s 100 customer care number so your best bet is 254 763 000 100.

Having said that, it might be that you could solve the problem bothering you yourself.

I encourage you to first go through the Equitel Networks FAQs below to see if the bank has listed a solution for your query.


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Q: How can I repay my Equitel loan?

A: Simply go to your phone’s Equitel menu>>my money>>loans>>pay loan>>clear loan.

From there, just follow the prompts.


Q: How can I check my balance on my Equitel line

A: Just dial *100# . If not, go to Equitel >> My Phone >> Equitel Self Service. You will see the option to check your current airtime balance.


Q: How can I activate my Equitel number?

  • Dial *247# from your Equitel line.
  • Type yourPIN.
  • Click option 10 (more).
  • Now select option 7(Link Equitel).
  • Wait for the confirmation message (that linking to Mobile banking has succeeded)

After this, an SMS with an Activation Code will be sent to your Equitel line. But you’re not yet done..

Now proceed with the second set of steps as follows:

  • On your phone, go to your Equitel SIM ToolKit (STK menu).
  • Select Equity.
  • Now type your Activation Code (sent via SMS).
  • Type a new PIN then confirm it.

After a moment, a notification pops up on your line finally confirming that the activation has succeeded.

PS: You can also visit your nearest Equity branch/agent for assistance.


Q: How do I get a loan from Equitel line?

  • Go to your Equitel menu.
  • Choose My Money.
  • Click Loans.
  • Choose Get Loan.
  • Click Eazzy Loan.
  • Select Account.
  • Type Amount.
  • Confirm Details.
  • Type your PIN

That’s all!

Please note that to qualify you must be an active Equity Bank’s account holder for at least 6 months.

In addition, you Equitel line must be active.

Of course you can use the Equitel Customer Care Contacts I listed at the start of this article for any other question.

Good luck.



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