Driving School In Kenya: Which is the Best?

For the last few years, Kenyans have purchased vehicles in droves as evidenced by the endless traffic jams in our roads. Some will look for a good driving school in Kenya before importing their car of choice while others will prefer to attend driving lessons after the car has landed.

Either way, we thought we should compile a list of driving schools in Kenya to help you narrow your search.

The good thing is that Kenya has some very good driving colleges such as the aa driving school kenya branches.

We also have some old schools like glory driving school and rocky driving school. Some of the newest kids on the block include petanns driving school the mother of of petanns institute of business studies.

petanns driving school owner is musician Peter Muinami Chege.

Choosing a Driving School In Kenya: What to Look for

So, which driving school should you enroll for? Well, I know you are thinking about the price but you need to look beyond the money.

For example, it has been widely reported in the media of some driving schools which will quote for you a certain price (normally very cheap) only to find that you have to pay a whole lot of small, small hidden fees by the time you’re completing the course.

You will be asked about certificate fees, internal examination fees, and such little extras.

So, don’t be blinded by the price. Here is what else you need to focus on:

  • Fleet

Do they have enough cars? And what is the condition of the cars? Some driving schools in Kenya have some ancient and poorly maintained cars. Of course,  you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to foretell the kind of service you can expect from such dinosaur-age vehicles.

driving school in Kenya

  • Instructors

Some other schools are staffed with corrupt trainers who ask for bribes to allow you to touch the steering!

Yes, you heard me right. Some ask for as much as shs.200 as an ‘incentive’ to permit you to drive even for a few hundred meters! And mind you, you have already paid the fees!

When researching the college, ask about the instructors and where possible, avoid corrupt such schools like plague since it can be too costly.

  • Customer Care

Certain driving schools have world-class customer care staff. But we also have a few with rude and unhelpful people manning the front desk.

Such staff will be very welcoming when you are enrolling and paying the fees. They then somersault and become harsh and rude. Personally, I love to be treated well and will stay away from such places.

After all, it’s my money!

  • The Flexibility of Training Hours

If you are working, look for a driving school that isn’t too rigid with hours. Luckily, many of the schools are pretty flexible and don’t mind setting a custom training schedule to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • What Other services Do they give you

As the competition heats up, it’s common to find a driving school in Kenya advertising freebies such as defensive driving, first aid, customer care, basic mechanics, and such.

Well, if available, why not?  But don’t just be swayed by the free stuff only. Before biting the bait, check that the quality of training is first okay to avoid later regrets.

aa driving school kenya branches.

List Of Driving Schools In Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of list of driving schools in Kenya, their contacts, and where is it was possible to obtain, and the training fees when writing this article.

Driving School




AA Driving School Tel: 0709 933 000

Website: Aakenya.Co.Ke


Aa Kenya Driving School Fees:

PG (Motor Cycles) – Category A

, Shs.3000

Saloon Car- – Category E, Shs.17,500 (69 Lessons)

BCE(Truck)- Category C, Shs.19,900 (132 Lessons)

NTSA Fees: 2780/-



Aa Driving School Nairobi City (Several Locations), Aa Driving School In Eldoret, Aa Driving School In Karatina, Nyeri, Thika (They Have Branches All Over The Country)
Heltz Driving School Tel: 0722 614473



Motorbike, Shs.7300

Cars  (Saloons)

Fees : From 11300/=

Truck- Shs.12,300


Sheikh House, Opp. Imenti House, Odeon Cinema
Glory Driving School Tel:0721 345729,

0703 500 717,




Website: Facebook

Motorbike, 10000/-

Saloons 17500/- (All Inclusive)


Parklands, Agrho House, Reinsurance Plaza, South B Etc..Mostly In Nairobi
Rocky Driving School Rocky Driving School Contacts:


Tel:0704 773300, 0700 667777, 0702 252222

Website: Rockyschool.Co.Ke

Rocky Driving School Fees:

FG (Motor Cycles) – Category A

, Shs.11350

CLASS E (Saloons)

Fees : From 17,850/=

BCE(Truck)- Category C, Shs.19,350


Rocky Driving School Branches:

Nairobi(Several Branches)






Petanns Driving School Tel:0721328383, 0705 050504

Website: Pettanns.Co.Ke

Petanns Driving School Fees: Category

A2(Motor Cycle) Sh7,500

Tuktuk Sh.9500

Light Passenger Car Category B1, 13500/-

Professional Category B 15000/-, Light & Medium Trucks Category C 14500/- PSV Van & Minibuses Category D 15000/- Trailer Category CE 30000/- Plant Operator 55000/-

*        You May Be Required To Add NTSA Fees


Petanns Institute Of Business Studies Branches:

Petanns Driving School Kiambu,  Petanns Driving School Thika , Petanns Driving School Nyeri …..Over 50 Branches The Whole Of Kenya

Africana Driving School Tel: 0722 666864


Contact The School Waithaka,  Shop No. 7, Plaza Arcade, Near Kobil Petrol Station, In Kikuyu

School: Seniors Driving School

Tel:: 0729461713



School: Iqra Driving School Nairobi

Tel: 0721 215 261

Hurlingham Plaza, Argwings-Kodhek Rd, Nairobi

& First Avenue Eastleigh

School: Budget Driving School

Tel: 020 2221612

1st Flr, Princely Bldg

School: Sony Driving School

Tel: 020 2229738

Mageso Chambers, Moi-Avenue, And Several Other Branches In Nairobi

School: Wings Driving School

Tel: 0722 309415

Muhoho Ave, Nairobi West Nairobi

School: Top Gear Driving School Nairobi

Tel: 0722 784235

Tena Estate, Outerring Road, Nairobi

School: Kenya Institute (Of) Advanced Driving Nairobi

Tel: 0711 140352

Isiolo Road 13, Nairobi


Driving School In Kenya: Other Options

  1. Anon Driving School
  2. Accurate Driving School
  3. Imperial Driving School
  4. Neptune Driving School

Forklift Training School In Nairobi

School: Kihbt (Kenya Institute Of Highway(S) & Building Technology), Commercial St, Nairobi

Website: Kihbt.Ac.Ke

Tel: 0726 999220

Defensive Driving

School: Defensive Driving Systems Limited, Seminary Road, Nairobi

Tel: 020 2431550

Trailer Driving School In Kenya

School: East Africa Heavy Commercial/Vehicle Driver Development Institute


Tel: 0776 726 024/ 0786 815 878


There you have it- our guide on how to choose a driving school in Kenya. We have collected for you the contacts and where it was possible, the fees to allow you to budget.

And with that, we hope you are now in a position to make an inspired decision. So, can we meet on the road?

PS: If you there’s a school we left and you feel it deserves to be in this list, kindly drop its name in the comments. We will be happy to include it.

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