Cars under 300k in Kenya [A list of Best Cars to Buy in 2019]

You can buy several cars under 300k in Kenya so you don’t have to rob a bank to own a car.

Okay, it won’t be your dream car but it will do the job of taking you to and from work, run your errands, and make your rounds during the weekend.

And yes, there are a couple of cars under 300k in Kenya you can use for business.

As always, I hate to keep you waiting so here are my recommendations for a budget of 300k in Kenya.

Note that at that price, your best bet is a second-hand car.

Take a look:

List of Best Cars under 300k in Kenya

Vitz old model

Toyotas do well on Kenyan roads and you can target an older generation Toyota Vitz for a start.

Forget the rumour that it’s a ladies car- This car is very reliable, durable, and is very conservative when it comes to fuel consumption.

Cargo space is still an issue but it will carry you and three other four adults comfortably.

Toyota 100 (Corolla E100 )

A nice station Wagon, the Toyota 100 is a solid performer and rarely disappoints.

If there’s a car that showcases the best of Corolla’s famed reliability and economy, then it’s the Toyota 100.

Some models come with great features such as power steering, a digital clock, alloy wheels, and tachometer.

Most are manual but you can occasionally stumble on one with automatic transmission.

Toyota 110/111

If for some reason you dislike the Toyota 100, you can check its siblings the Toyota 110/111.

By the way, you can buy these more cheaply so your 300k budget should be enough for bodywork and basic repairs.

I have seen some tremendous options including models with a 1500cc engine capacity.

This car is common in various Kenyan towns so you can easily get one in a fairly good condition.

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Nissan b15

It’s not only Toyota that has good cars under 300k in Kenya.

In fact, though largely underrated, Nissan has plenty of reliable cars within this price range, chief among them the Nissan B15.

But be careful here….some have unending wiring/computer issues and can be frustrating.

I would, therefore, advise you to bring along a competent mechanic to help you select if you opt for this route.

Toyota Platz

Platz means space in German and this car has more spacious interiors room

Besides, the Platz can accelerate to 100 km / hr in less than 15 seconds while remaining stable.

It also has wonderful features including CD player, power steering, ABS, and superb headlights.

Okay, it’s not the most pretty car but at this price, we are worried about functionality not beauty so why not?

Toyota Dx 102/103/104

The Dx is also the same family as Toyota 100, 110, and 111 and can be great especially if you stay upcountry.

Sadly, I haven’t been seeing many of them on Kenyan roads nowadays but if you’re lucky and spot a good one, go for it.

They have more cargo space and need minimal maintenance.

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Cars under 300k in Kenya

Toyota Passo

Used Toyota Passo price starts at about shs.250000 (mostly for 2005 or earlier makes) so it falls in the budget cars category.

It can be a wonderful option if you live in a town and just want a car to take you from point A to B.

Like the Vitz, the cabin space is nothing home to write about but the fuel efficiency more than compensates.


G touring

If you’re after a station wagon, you can as well go for a Toyota G-Touring.

Prices start anywhere from  KSh 220000 – kshs 280000 and it serves well, both as a travel car or for business (can carry milk, mali mali, baked products etc.)

Plus, it’s an amazing fuel saver.


Toyota ProBox

Probox is accused of all manner of crimes but the problem is not the car, it’s the reckless drivers- primarily the Miraa guys and those who use it as a Matatu.

It was my first car and I am often tempted to go back to it, considering its low maintenance, acceleration, and versatility.

At shs. 300000, you can get a KCD, particularly in Western Kenya.

There’s much difference between a ProBox and a Succeed so pick what pleases you.

Toyota Duet

You may also search for Toyota Duet cars for sale in Nairobi – it’s another fuel-efficient car costing below 300k.

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Cars under 300k in Kenya : Where To Buy

There are a couple of marketplaces selling cars under 300k in Kenya including Olx (Jiji) and some car bazaars in Nairobi.

But my favorite is the Sunday car bazaar at Jamhuri park (Nairobi).

Here you’ll meet the actual owners and you can strike a deal on the spot.

You can also search in Facebook groups advertising used cars under 300k in Kenya.

Also, watch for banks’ car auctions (check the newspapers).

Final thoughts

If you want more peace of mind, consider a nearly new car especially the Suzuki Alto.

A freshly imported 2010/2011 model (KCM to KCP) will set you back less than 400k and it arrives in sleek condition.

You can choose a 660cc / 998cc (1000cc) engine and the car manages a scarcely believable 24- 28 km/litre of fuel (City driving).


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